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Clieant request to remove watermark

Hello, everyone.
i have a client and its ongoing milestone project. i have completed first phase and send the work 2 days before due. but my client didn’t respond and after 4 days she asked a revision … then it already showing late. then i have deliverd revision also then again she asked a revision … now its like 5th or 6th time … all most all of them are not design changes she asking like rename the file, all caps title name, …like that. and now this time revision she is asking deliver her work with removing watermark .i didn’t even add a watermark i think its gig option right … i said when you accept the work it will remove automatically… and again there is no response… should i send the same previous work again for this revision time …what can i do for this matter.


There is an option in our gig section to activate or de activate the watermark.

I usually them the client that the water mark is punt in by Fiverr and will automatically be removed by fiverr on completion of the order.

I feel safe with water mark.

when clients complete the order they have the access to all the files sent previously using the delivery button. so possibly they wanted different versions of the design.

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Hey there, you did a great thing.
Just explain to him that he can download the file with the watermark but once the order is finalized and he likes it and accept it then watermark will disappear. Don’t fall into traps so someone will steal your job and then cancel the order.
Thank you


thank you priyasumit786 … i think its not working in this situation because order started with watermark enabled time right? … if i turn off it it will affect to the future order not this activated one right?

yeah now i think she is doing something freaky … i explained her but she didn’t reply me back and i also don’t wanna bother her because this project is kind a big and has good money so i actually dont wanna loose the job as well :frowning:

There’s not much you can do. In the future don’t ever do milestone orders. They are a terrible system.


I agree. I tried it once, and the seller does not get paid until the end when everything is completed. Instead, I would rather send the buyer offers for a part of the project, and then when that is completed, send them another offer. If we are not a good fit, it is easy to stop and not go any further.


Not to mention the insanity of revisions per milestone being allowed for up to 8 days instead of 3. Absurd.