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Client accusing me of problems that don't exist

It’s so frustrating.

First she says there’s a spelling error in the first sentence and was very angry about this. I read the sentence through 100 times and there is 0 spelling errors or even grammatical once, not even once. Not any in the whole content.

Then on the second revision she sends me example content of what she wants. Then accuses me of copying her original content word for word. I didn’t copy a word of it, it was all original content.

Needless to day she cancelled.

Just so frustrating getting accused of things I never did! I take great pride in my work and would never dream of making spelling errors or plagiarizing content.


feel sorry for you, clients are becoming more insensitive towards sellers and think that we are not human working behind the screens.

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I hear you.

I am also a content writer on Fiverr.

I had a rather large job with a regular client go South on me a couple of years ago.

They raved about my content, my writing style, etc. telling me that the stuff I wrote for them earned them the highest engagement of anything that had previously been posted on their blog.

Then one day they turned on me.

The set of 500-word articles I had submitted were basically crap according to them.

You know, spelling errors that didn’t exist, that I had copied something word for word, etc.

I suspect they were having some money issues and I was an easy target.

Anyway, it happens.

Don’t let it ruin your day.

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I don’t mean to be a devil’s advocate per se or imply that I don’t believe you, but I always like to hear/read what the other side has to say presented personally.

I’ll have to agree on what @looseink wrote: Don’t let it ruin your day.


In your place I would’ve keep an eye if that “client” will start using your work online.


Chin up buddy! Better days are yet to come. I’m sure! :two_hearts: