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Client always send in message skype id or communication ,

Hello All,

Can you please suggest, i am very fedup with some client they send us his communication address in message and i always reject or deny or ask that fiverr not allowed and i always not respond after some time. what should i do and i got today that such below warning.



Hey, to keep our community safe, we ask that users don’t exchange personal contact info. By the way, it’s also not permitted by our Terms of Service.

Please note that such warning may affect your eligibility for Levels and other features and your account status.

I’d suggest telling them it’s against Fiverr’s ToS, and then clicking on the Report button in the bottom right of the message.

Also, perhaps you could contact Customer Support and ask for their advice, what would they recommend you do when you receive such a message.

I have got this some of clients and i suggested to them that we can not beyond fiverr rules and regulation. Today i have got message related to Attention and found that was the error on every account "ATTENTION - ACCOUNT WARNING " , So i think i shoul go with support .

Reply to @techtransit: If any buyer messages you and asks you to contact them in a private email outside of Fiverr, report the buyer, do a mutual cancellation of the gig and contact customer support.

If anyone sent me contact information outside of fiverr I would tell them that is not allowed. If they did it again I would report them for it. I would also not try to do business with them and I would cancel their order.

Now I am doing same …