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Client ask to send the job via personal email


Hi, my client asks for custom order on one job, the job is done and I send it through “send your delivery” button. He accepts the delivery and the order status is changed to " order complete, you earn $XX".

But, later the client ask me to send the files through his personal email because he can’t download from Fiverr site. Should I send the files?


Don’t, you’d risk your account being suspended.
You can upload the files to Dropbox and send your customer a link to download in an anonymous way, that’s what Customer Support recommends in such cases too.


No. You can’t and don’t do that.
Fiverr rules forbid that and if you disobey it, it will risk your account.

Try to help your buyer by (maybe) assist him / her how to download, check their connection or browser, etc. It’s more safe and wise to do.


@miiila and @gogeinag, thank you for the answer, what if I reupload the files in conversation section? the client would be able to download it, isn’t it?


It might not work for him if he can’t download from the order page and the send limit is even lower than in the delivery I think.
But try, it’s the quickest way of course. :slight_smile:


You are welcome @sapism05
Maybe can. Because we don’t know right? Why the client can’t download it… Is it because his / her internet connection / browser / anything… But, worth to try :wink:


It’s not necessarily the customer’s connection, sometimes it’s buggy, on fiverr’s side.
Try it via inbox and if it doesn’t work go the Dropbox route, that’s blessed by Customer Support as long as you make it anonymously.


Thank you everyone :smiley: I will try it and come back to tell the result


It worked :smile: client download the files with no problem


Congratulation @sapism05 !! :smiley: :heart_eyes:
Work hard never betray us. haha.