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Client asked for a modification 15 minutes ago but my Dashboard is showing 2 days ago

Hi everyone, here’s a thing I’m seeing for quite some time. The time management module on fiverr seems buggy. It’s always miscalculating time. It’s been 2 days I delivered a gig, the buyer asked for a modification aprox. 15 minutes ago but the dashboard is showing that the buyer asked the modification 2 days ago. What’s really bothering me is - in the order page it’s showing that I’m ## LATE ##. Is it going to effect my rating or let the buyer cancel the order based on the late remark? Please Help.

Thanks in advance.


There’s nothing we can do for you.
Everyone on this forum is a seller or a buyer just like you.

You need to contact Fiverr support:

Reply to @liquidlettuce: I wasn’t really looking for someone in the forum to solve my problem. Just wanted to know if someone else is facing something similar and if it’s really a bug. I know your suggestion is the only way (contacting support) to know for sure but I’ve already opened a ticket for a much more serious issue. They’ve yet to reply on that after 5 days. I understand they have a lot to handle so I was just seeking some advice on my current issue in the forum before opening another ticket.


Reply to @mushfiqbabu: Gotcha. You know, the whole site has just felt “buggy” these last few days. Like, last night the message system was taking absolutely forever. I think that’s tied to your problem. I had clients ordering 24-hr turnaround gigs, then not filling in the requirements (so I thought.) I’d wait an hour or two and then send the nudge. Then I’d get the order requirements a few minutes later timestamped to right after the order time. Now I just found out in another thread that my gig cover images that have been active for like a year don’t show at all to other users. Plus super slow search loading times.

It feels like their servers are overloaded, or thrashing the disks or something like that.