Client asked for a revision without paying?


I’m veeeery frustrated right now and I don’t know what to do. A client asked if a revision had any cost, and before I could reply they asked for one (I don’t know how cause my gig doesn’t offer any without an extra cost). If they had the extra gig I would’ve gotten two extra days to work on the modification, but the countdown is still going down and I’ve got 4 hours left for that order. They didn’t even say what they want modified and I asked a couple of times already, I just don’t know what to do. Should I deliver the same order and say that I was running out of time?
What frustrates me the most is that I had delivered the order like three or four days before the time limit, and my client didn’t say anything until yesterday. I have no idea what they thought of the work since they didn’t say anything about it, just asked if they could get a revision and somehow ordered it.



  1. If you delivered your order on time then you do not have to worry about the clock/time. Clock will keep running and will end up showing “LATE” but it doesn’t affect you or your account. You may take even a week to modify and re-deliver order. Basically, clock doesn’t matter once the product is delivered.

  2. Even if you do not offer free revisions, buyers can still click on “Request Revision” button and ask for changes any number of times. You may just ask them to add the additional amount for revisions or send them a custom offer for same.

Hope that answers all your questions.


Really? Oh, I’m glad then. I still “delivered” because I was afraid it would show up as late afterwards and asked my client to tell me what they wanted modified when they come back online anyway, and that I would work on it