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Client Asked For Email Or Phone number


Hey I want to know Something! If some Buyers asked someone to provide him phone number and email and something like that smells he wanna work outside of fiverr, Then whats the best policy to do that, so that Sellers profiles won’t effect. I know working outside of fiverr is against Fiverr TOS and also its not safe for sellers.
Then Whats the best strategy to handle such messages. Should I report them or mark them as a spam!
Or should we need to send them a message that you are violating Fiverr TOS, so we cant work with you. Or should we need to ignore such messages.
Please tell me the best way to do so.


If they have not ordered anything you can explain ToS politely and say “no.”. You can choose to report them if you think they intended to break the rules .

If they already placed an order I suggest that you let them know you can’t exchange info and proceed to deliver within the rules.


Please dont share because its against Fiverr Tos


Unfortunately, this doesn’t even happen all that rarely. Some just don’t know because they didn’t read the ToS, some know.
In any case, it’s a pity they get a seller into that situation, having to “lecture” them about the terms.
I wish there was some kind of pop-up during the registration that makes the contact info policy really clear, which should at least reduce the number of people asking who really weren’t aware.

However, if they just didn’t know, more often than not, they’ll thank you for the info and order anyway. If they deliberately wanted to break the rules, but are seriously wanting to buy from you, they might also order and communicate on Fiverr anyway.
And if they don’t - their loss, you’d not want to work with most of the people who try that anyhow.

I do my best to say my “no” clearly but politely, the idea being to make them think “oh right, didn’t think of that, makes sense, well, the seller sounds like a good choice, I’ll just get used to communicating on here then”, not to embarrass people so much they might leave the site. :upside_down_face:


Don’t do this…


Exchanging numbers is against fiverr TOS and it would only land you in a trouble. I know of level 2 seller that was almost banned and got demoted to New seller all because of this.