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Client Asked for Refund after delivering


after delivering the work directly, the client asked for refund… he says that my work is non original, poor quality, i don’t trust you… and alot of offfensive words…i thought that i’ve sent wrong file because when i offered to do a free revision he said “yes it doesn’t take 3 hours to read the short little 100 word documents you sent. You’re being rude and unprofessional” when i’ve sent at least 4 documents with more then 5000 words !

i am 100% sure the this client want to take the document and the money…i have 21 review all are 5 stars and i don’t feel good now because this client is so spammy every minute he sends a cancel request and 2 to 3 offensive messages i can’t even see my new orders notification :frowning:

From Fiverr’s Order Cancellation Policy: "Order cancellations, similar to Request Modification for your delivered order will not be done based on personal taste."

Make sure you’re up to date on policies and they are here to protect you and to up your process your orders easily.

If the Buyer is threatening you, calling you names, or being rude in any manner screenshot the conversation and report the Buyer to Customer Service immediately. It’s tolerated in the Fiverr community, Fiverr wants to know when issues like these occur so they can help protect users like you in the future from users that act that way. Also, they will look into the issue regarding the order and help you resolve it in the most professional way possible.

Personal note: It sounds as if the Buyer is simply trying to blackmail you as a way to get work for free, but to be sure to report the Buyer and the order to Customer Service. Explain what they purchased versus what you delivered. Be detailed! They will look into this issue inside and out. Hope this helps and good luck.

Thank you thepromogirl,i really appreciate your message and your help.

I agree with @thepromogirl, I’ve reported spammers like this and Fiverr takes good care of it!

It’s probably not about your work, so don’t take it personally.

You don’t deserve to be abused. I would except the cancellation and report the screenshots so Fiverr can handle it. Excepting a mutual cancellation will keep them from adding a review. It is too time consuming to deal with removing the review. I know there are people out there that are abusive. I just haven’t seen it in 1300 orders. I have been generous with refunds. I believe that someone should absolutely love the work or they shouldn’t pay for it. My refunds after completion, amount to $.015 for every dollar I make. I don’t take large orders from a new customer. Every large order can be broken up into smaller deliveries at first. With a platform that is ratings driven and a 100% return policy, clients have really understood the “get acquainted period” with new customers. (The “Let’s go on a date before we get married” principle)

Generally people want to love your work and they really want to reorder from you rather that to start the process of finding someone new.

I would rather be generous and be abused by a few, than to be harsh to everyone and come across abrasive and reserved.

i totally agree with @landongrace.

landongrace said: It's probably not about your work, so don't take it personally.

Yes, this is important to remember!