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Client asked me to share my email?


I am new to Fiverr actually. I just started my first gig and got my first client ever. My client told me this is a long-term project that requires me to share my email and my full name, state, and phone number. I find this really sketchy honestly that he needs this info.

I told him at first this is a violation of the TOS and that I can only communicate via the Fiverr site. He said no, we need to communicate outside of Fiverr and the salary must be outside. So, as naive as I was, I gave him my business email.

I kind of regret this now and hope I don’t get a warning my first day on Fiverr. If I tell him sorry I cannot continue this offer, would Fiverr not flag me or give me some sort of warning like I read happened to others on the site?

Thanks, any advice would mean a lot.


Yup. He’s trying to poach.

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Why did you even consider doing this?

You majorly breached the ToS. You don’t get to undo that or the consequences. No policy works that way.

If Fiverr overlooks it it’s just because they didn’t catch you.


Wow that really is bad luck. Would this be like a warning or am I gone for good? :confused:

Also can we reverse the consequence of warnings like by not violating anymore rules?

No, luck is something bad happening out of your control. This was very much in your control. You willfully broke the rules.

Let’s call a spade a spade.

It is grounds for cancelling your account, but it is hard to say.

I just don’t understand why you would fall for this. Of course the buyer doesn’t require your phone number and email address and of course he doesn’t need to pay you off of Fiverr. if he does well then it isn’t appropriate for Fiverr.


If you have not get any warning from Fiverr you are safe and next time don’t share the contact details or don’t make any deal outside of Fiverr platform

Did you not get an auto respond message telling you NOT to include your email in a message?


It said this:

“Terms of Service reminder: Providing email, Sky**, or phone number is only allowed if it is needed as part of the service. Otherwise, all communication must go through Fiverr.”

It was a bit confusing to under as to what it meant by part of the service. I thought he needed my email for his service but looks like I was wrong!


I hate when buyers try to get in touch outside of Fiverr or pay outside of Fiverr. Just don’t do it again, and explain to the buyer that it’s against the Terms of Service.

If the buyer keeps pushing, just let them know that it will never happen, and move on to better prospects.

Usually, the buyer will know that it’s against the terms because of the automatic filters for e-mail addresses and names of the apps - so they will type in the names and adresses in a creative way to get around the filters. So they know.

They are just trying to take advantage of you. If a buyer asks to contact them outside of Fiverr that’s an immediate red flag for me.


I’m sorry this happened so soon after starting up your gig :neutral_face:. Often we can feel so compelled by the thought of getting that mythical first sale that we’re willing to do near anything, even consider bending the rules, to get it. And unfortunately, there are unscrupulous buyers who take advantage of that and who think to cheat the system. TOS are there to protect the seller and the buyer in case of discrepancies or issues, not to inhibit people from doing business.

While I can’t say if you will be penalized with account suspension or a full ban, if you decide to keep working as a freelancer, read this post Stand Your Ground: Setting Boundaries as a Seller. Keeping boundaries as a seller in any marketplace is essential! Don’t be afraid to turn down work that forces you to choose work or money over keeping your job and integrity.

I wish you the best of luck :blue_heart:.


Thank you so much. I will definitely check that out. What you mentioned at the beginning was what happened to me. It’s exciting to get that first sale but we as sellers really need to be careful not to fall for scams!

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Well for some services you gonna need to have outside contact like Discord or team speak.
But we have to be clever to keep the clients at Fiverr platform. Basically 3/10 people wanna contact us outside. So what I basically do is, let them know the TOS by copy pasting it on the chat section.

If the buyer is not troublesome type, they usually understand the problem. You got to be clever to avoid this my friend. Act like you know the consequences that the buyer and seller could get from outside contacting.

Kind regards.

Try to avoid such type of buyers.

No that is what Fiverr chat is for.

ThisTOS violation usually issues a warning.

If you agree with this, usually account get parmanently ban without any warning for this violation when fiverr will notice it.