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Client asking for a free sample and, not replaying back?

for a couple of days a client reach out to me for a large project approx $1600 and as we discussed his options we agreed on $200 upfront before the final payment, the client asked me also to provide a free sketch and since back then after showing the sample he just being not responsive, what you guys take on this please shear some suggestions and tips?

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Two options:
a) he doesn’t like your drawing style and the sample doesn’t suit what he is looking for
b) you send him a sample of the actual thing he needs, not just your standard sample and he got what he wanted and now he is using it
c) he is unable to use the internet

Sometimes when the client gets your sample he goes on a meeting and it could take days or weeks before the reply. I had one client who debated with his team over the logo after I send sample sketches for 3 weeks (I did not lose anything during this time). He paid for the sketches.

If you send him a sample of your work, then let it be. But if you actually made the specific sample for him without charging, do not do that ever again, you want a sample made just for you, pay me.


Thanks a lot for your amazing tips.




because they are grasping at straws and do not know what else to do.

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