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Client asking for Email ID

My client is desperately asking for my Email Id for delivering his work. I am not sure weather I should give him or not.
Cause I am afraid ,if I give him my Email Id ,Fiverr may BAN my fiverr Id.
Looking for Expertise comment.
Thanks in advance


So please don’t give him your email. Your buyer doesn’t need it.

You deliver the work via the Fiverr order page.

Sorry Nixon - didn’t realise it was you asking! Hope you’re well! :slightly_smiling_face::sunny:

If in doubt, check the ToS:


why would your client need your email ID? Just deliver the work using the delivery button.

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Tell him you desperately need him to communicate via Fiverr messaging system only.


I had clients like that aswell. Never ever pass your email id or any other information against TOS. :point_left:


What would happen,if some pass his or her Email already before knowing fiverr TOS.
Will it be ban at once after sending their Email ID or their will be a warning at first

Thanks for your well wish

Ok, I will tell him that

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You’re supposed to read and understand the ToS before you signup, then you agree to them during the signup process. :wink:

If you have done something you shouldn’t, it might be an idea to confess all to the powers that be, and then grovel and apologise? Maybe better than a nasty surprise down the line sometime?

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ok,i will deliver via that

Never never never give e-mails or externals methods of delivery or payment. Because … the ‘movie’ will not have a happy ending :slight_smile:

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It seems like you want to give out your email to your buyers for some reason.

Yes you will be banned for it. And it will not help you make more sales or more money so it’s a really bad idea for these reasons.

Your buyer also will be able to blackmail you if you do this.

You won’t get a warning you will just be banned.

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Try to submit your order via “Fiverr”.

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I usually politely reply that I dont share personal info as it’s against Fiverr’s TOF. If they’d like to send files that are too large for fiverr, I recommend then they can send me the link to the files.