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Client asking for free services

One of my client who has worked with me before wants to get services for one of my health and fitness gig without ordering it. I don’t know what to do. Can somebody suggest me about this?



Please try to politely let the buyer know that your services are unfortunately not for free and that s/he would have to place an official order on Fiverr for the fee that you charge for your services. Even if that doesn’t help, I would recommend that you contact CS.


Thanks for your reply.
But I feel that the buyer may change the review of the previous work concluded for which she marked a 5 star.

The client can’t change the review without your permission once it has been submitted.

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Don’t do this job, I have been cheated like this, there are other examples too. Please don’t

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Nope, that is against ToS. If the buyer does that, you have every right to report the buyer to CS and honestly, you might probably want to stay as far away as possible from such buyers who ask for free stuff and change ratings of your previous orders. Because it is not worth your time and effort to deal with such kinda people (at least in my opinion).

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Thanks @uxreview n @hanshuber16 for letting me know about the review system .
But in case after telling her,if she orders and angrily marks bad review for the work…what can be done?

I believe I have already answered that question for you. Contact CS. They will take care of it for you. :slight_smile: Don’t worry too much about it. If there is no fault on your side, CS is here to support you.

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Why are you so worried about it?
If a buyer wants to order your gig they can do it anyway.
If they want to leave you a negative review then they can do that as well.

All you can do is to explain that if she needs your service then she needs to place an order. That’s it.


If you are doing something like logo design, It’s okay to send him some free samples. But if you are doing something like WordPress installation don’t hesitate to contact the CS. :grinning:

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I ’ m worried because I don’t want to offend the buyer and look like money greedy. She is of course a polite client as I have worked before for her but this time I think she wants a free service.

Politely inform your client that you appreciate her interest but the cost for the service is X amount of dollars. If she doesn’t want to pay, then that’s that. You’ve just stated to her - without being rude - that your service is not for free and she won’t continue pestering you about it. In fact, she may even order from you.


Will do the same. Let’s see what she says.

This is a violation of TOS…the buyer would be manipulating the review system in order to get free work…and because she didn;t get free work. Customer support should help

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It’s still a bad suggestion :frowning:
Don’t spend our time to satisfy bad buyer…, it won’t get you anything than a dissapointment.
We already provide potential with tons of portfolio, so he/she can understand our work and style.
Better to build our connection with people who can understand and appreciate our effort to make an outstanding logo.

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I’m not being skeptical. But in my opinion, this kind of tips will likely spoil scammers - you provide their needs without getting paid. If a buyer does value both your work and time, he/she will place an order instead of asking for samples or free works.

Basically, your buyer is the one who offend your business by asking for free works.

This platform is marketplace for services, thus you as a seller have the right to charge your buyers who use your service. It isn’t greedy, it is fair.

Have you see how much Pro Sellers charge their client for using their service? If you have, you will know that not all buyers will likely see you as a greedy seller. They see your professional works and they surely decide to spend that much just to get a thing which called “professional work”.

Ask your buyer politely for placing an order. If he/she refused, then you could simply stay away from him/her.

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