Client asking for my PayPal email id is this right?


I have a potential client requesting my email and PayPal email ID is this right please I’m new here


If buyer asking for personal info just report to fiverr … never share personal info if you want to achieve milestone here …


Thanks for the advice client still insisting even


Says his card is requesting PayPal information so he can pay me, isn’t he supposed to pay to fiverr?


If you check the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page you will know the rules as to how Fiverr works including that all payments must be made through Fiverr. If you violate the rules you are risking your account.


Cards don’t ask for PayPal id, the payment process is handled by Fiverr. If he insists on your PayPal id contact CS and inform of the situation and inform the buyer wait untill Fiverr solves the issue.

It is more likely the buyer trying to trick you.


Before reporting to fiverr, Tell your buyer to read TOS and tell him/her that sharing personal info or asking for payment outside fiverr is not allowed on fiverr. So your buyer will learn and read TOS.


Thanks alot I appreciate


Thank you very much I appreciate your help


You are most welcome.


Thanks for your help guys, he made an order through fiverr turns out he’s a legit buyer after all