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Client asking for revision after long time

I had done one market research project for a client long time back in January 2020. After delivery the client completed the project & give me 5 star ratings. There was limited revision option in the gig (3 revisions). Now the client has come back after almost 8 months asking for more revision & asking very rudely to change in the report data since the client had paid. Anyone has faced similar type experience? What your suggestion on this?



Tell them politely that the oder has been marked as complete 8 months ago and you’ll be happy to assist them for an extra $.

Did your buyer use all 3 rounds of revisions back when you worked on the order?


I’ve had an experience with a client who had multiple revision requests (10+) after change of minds contradicting past agreements on what is offered and to what extent.

I had no choice but to do it as I had no other option. Even CS said I need to make the client satisfy, not listening to what I was trying to explain even with screenshots

Actually out of 3 revisions client has taken only one revision before completion of project. But problems is now client is asking include TAM, SAM, SOM all to include in the report for global market without paying anything extra. Those parameters was not part of the agreement during the order discussion or as per requirement filled by the client. In such case can I refuse to provide those data in case client do not agree for extra payment. Do I need to keep continuing responding to the client ? Would my score or any parameters would be affected if I stop responding if client does not agree to pay for additional?

Since your client wants additional work, I would do as @lenasemenkova said and make them a custom offer for the additional work. If they refuse and get rude then you can block them without it affecting your stats.


Yes, @souravmandal83 follow this instructions.

Really, @souravmandal83 should let this buyer who’s order he completed 8 months ago scam him out of more work? That does not make good business sense to me.

Sorry, I wanted to reply to your comment. But I did not forget that. I actually wanted to ask him to follow your comment.

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I see. Then it would be best to @ me to make that clear. :wink:

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Don’t do it. “Sorry, I no longer have the files since the order was completed 8 months ago”. Then block.


Thank you all for your suggestions.

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I would block that Buyer immediately. Don’t play games with them, otherwise, the conversation will keep going and the Buyer will try to pull all the juice out of you to get those free revisions. It’s too risky to work with a past rude seller that asks for free work after months of the order being completed. The Buyer must understand that the revisions are only available while the order is in progress, not after it’s completed.


If I block the buyer while order is ongoing does it hamper my account or any bad impact from the buyer or CS? (Buyer is forcing to work more without pay extra which were not included with order requirements).

Please clarify this in detail. Thanks

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That is not a good idea. You must either cancel or finish the order before you block the buyer. Otherwise, he could go to CS and ask for a cancellation. It is best if you go to CS and explain your side of the story first with screenshots of the conversation. However, CS is very busy because of the pandemic and it may take 10 days for them to answer.

You can explain to the buyer that the work he wants is not in the scope of the order and send him a gig extra offer for him to pay for the extra work. He may accept your offer or deny it then he can 1. accept the order and give you a bad review, 2. ask you to cancel the order and you will lose your money and your stats will take a hit.


Thanks for your details clarification. But we seller are sometimes treated very badly from buyer and maximum time we have nothing to do. Some buyer actually use this benefit from Fiverr. Thanks again

Yes, it happens. Plus, next time you have a question please start your own thread. It is against Forum rules to ask questions for yourself on another users post.

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Thanks for your feedback. Will do

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