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Client asking for work outside of agreement - urgent!


Client specified they only wanted a resume when the initial order was purchased. I even asked if he wanted extra services in which he declined. He is now asking for a cover letter and LinkedIn optimization for the price of the initial order which was not agreed upon when the original order was sent. I have already delivered the resume and he will not complete the order even though he has stated he is satisfied with the product he received. He has issued a dispute offering an extension on the work due date which honestly really ticked me off.

There seems to be a confusion on the gig name and what was actually said about his original order. I’ve tried to explain this to him multiple times but he doesn’t seem to get it. I’ve also explained his original offer was my “basic” plan and if he wanted the cover letter and LinkedIn he will need to pay for the extra services.

I do not want this order to be canceled as I already gave him the work he requested and at this point, I feel he is trying to steal services from me. I am also worried he is going to leave a bad review even though the confusion is on his end and I’ve done everything I could to explain.

I should also mention the client has become unresponsive and is ignoring all of my messages.

How do I go about resolving this? Will Fiverr do anything to protect me in this situation?


Fiverr maybe Cancel your order or you can if you are okay with it.
Cancel the dispute, then deliver the order. It is your gig… you are the owner of it. Let him/her give worst rating… just do not give him/her the rating back and it will not show on your profile.

Simple as that.

Or Just contact Fiverr, they will see and maybe (rarely) help a seller and give you the money.


It’s quite unfortunate that such a thing happened. Please contact customer support.


Am so sorry this is happening to you. Contact customer care and you can even send them the screenshot of the page where the buyer said that he was satisfied as this will help you gain advantage over him. I’m sure they might wants to see to your issue.

@iamsachmusic Whether he rates the buyer back or not, the buyer’s rating will become visible on the seller profile after some days. So I don’t think it will work that way.


Well That never happened to me. If i don’t rate back, the rating doesn’t appear on my account.


Thanks all. I’ve reached out to CS and am awaiting a response. It is ridiculous if it gets cancelled because I already delivered the work he paid for. This is what gives Fiverr a bad name and the fact they don’t stick up for the sellers when we are the ones taking the risk working with these clients.


This is wrong. Reviews are made public after 10 days.

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Of course, you risk a bad review if you won’t accept the cancellation, but, also of course, you should be paid for the work you did as per agreement.

You can keep declining the cancellation request, and your buyer can keep requesting cancellation until one of you gets tired or misses the deadline (you the one to decline, the buyer the one for the order to autocomplete).

The buyer might or might not go to support on their part and ask them to cancel with some pleaded reason, in which case you can try to show support that you delivered what your gig promised or you agreed to do. In that case, or in case you want to go to support from your side, I’d look through the ToS and quote relevant bits from the Disputes & Cancellations section.

How that goes, you’ll only know if you try. Support often tells sellers to try to settle it with the buyer and that they can’t make a buyer accept a delivery, but sometimes they do rule in favour of one party, and, contrary to what is often written here, you’ll find also posts about them ruling in favour of sellers, they do not always support the buyer.

If your gig name, description, etc., is plenty clear to everyone else and only this one buyer misinterprets it, chances are probably that the conversation, which support can look into, or you can send as screenhots to prove your point, will show that it’s a misinterpretation on purpose.


Thank you. I’ve tried reaching out to the buyer but they won’t respond even though they are logging into heir account. This is the first time I’ve ever had this issue.

I will stand my ground, though. I see too many stories of sellers being taken advantage of.

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Looking forward to seeing the update and hope it will work out well.


There should be no confusion for the buyer because your gig title is right, as you offer 3 packages. The buyer should be aware that the product will be delivered according to the package they have purchased.

Send some screenshots to the buyer of the package chosen and verify the same with delivered item.

I have dealt with such issues in the past. Communicate with the buyer, this is the only key. CS will also encourage you to communicate with your buyer. Send a custom extra for purchasing the extra service and if the buyer pays then well and good for you, if not you can withdraw the offer and deliver the order. You can mention it to the buyer stating that “you will be able to deliver the extra work if they purchase the extra sent”. If they don’t pay for it, then simply withdraw the request and deliver the order.

Try to communicate more and more… Be Polite and Stay Calm. You will be able to earn the order value + a decent rating. Declining Cancellation request again and again would be of no use as this will make the buyer more rude. Think fresh and start conversation again.

Good luck.


Thank you, I have done this but the only issue is the buyer has not responded to any of my messages even though it’s shown that he has been online several times the past couple of days. I sent these screenshots when I sent my request to CS.


You can mention it to the CS that the buyer is not responsive, and leave it to the CS to decide further on the dispute. You can mention the buyer behavior as “ignorant” and Fiverr Trust & Safety Team will look into this for you. The action taken won’t be disclosed due to their privacy policy.

Good luck and keep us posted on the same.

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Here is CS Response:

"Hi Nolan,

I hope you are doing well. I verified this issue for. I understand your concerns but at the moment I would give the buyer some time to reply. At the moment the buyer didn’t request a cancellation, if he does, please let us know so we can look into it.

Keep us posted and have a wonderful day."

I am concerned because the site says if the buyer does not accept the delivery within 48 hours the order will be cancelled automatically.


If you’ve delivered your order, it’ll autocomplete 3 days after delivery.

Did the buyer open a dispute to start a cancellation? If so,then it’ll be different.

If it’s in a revision status, deliver again what was ordered and paid for.

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He started a dispute saying he didn’t get what he ordered even though it was agreed upon he only wanted a resume.


Then just decline that cancellation and see how he will react. You don’t need to wait for order cancel itself if you don’t agree with the cancellation request, that why you have “decline” button


Yes! When you give into blackmail, you open yourself to being controlled and manipulated.


They haven’t requested a cancellation but since he created a dispute (I declined) and never responded to my dispute, the site says it will automatically cancel if he does not do anything within the next 48 hours. I’ve attached a photo to show what I’m talking about.

Am I not understanding something?


What kind of dispute did you open? Time extension?
Or asking to pay extra?

If to pay extra you can close your dispute and instead of that send him custom offer with the amount that he need to pay and wait for him to respond for couple more days without any pressure.

But on your place I would’ve just deliver the order again with what he requested originally, saying that you fulfilled his request so you are delivering what you agreed for. (You can also attach screenshot of his requirements and highlight in red the bottom part where he agreed that all requirements are correct and he is aware that all extra requirements might be an extra charge) and if he want to get something extra you can send him custom offer. That’s it.