Client asking me to sign a NDA


I have a buyer asking me to sign a NDA before I work with him doing voice over. Um, is this normal? I’m not sure what the protocol is for this kind of thing. Anyone else have advice?


It’s up to you if you want to sign it. Before you do though, contact CS to get permission first. Good luck :slight_smile:


In order for a NDA to be binding you would need to identify yourself, name, address, social security number, or anything that would make you traceable. DON’T do it. If this Buyer’s project is that important that he needs a NDA he would NOT be working with the cheap labor he finds on Fiverr.

A woman and her 2 daughters were murdered in my town last week by a nut that hunted her down after discovering her on Facebook.

I’m in a similar line of work as you and I’ve stopped accepting product demonstrations because I would need to give Buyers my address. Way too many nuts and criminal types I’ve encountered here.


In my experience, it seems that startups and large corporations mandate NDA’s. I’ve never had someone request an NDA who was sketchy or unprofessional. I do roll my eyes at them, because the businesses they are protecting are really nothing special and certainly not something I would have any interest in publicizing or copying.
Not all NDA’s require personal info. Most online simply require your name and email address.


My thoughts exactly, but I do sign them every time a buyer needs one to protect their new business plan/debut novel :wink: In my experience, these truly are all talented and professional individuals, the NDA is just an extra (unnecessary) step.

However, it shouldn’t give you any issues if you trust who you’re working with.


I would strongly recommend you to avoid signing the NDA or any other binding contract of the sort. Your buyers already hold the rights to the work that they purchase from you (unless you charge extra for the copyright transfer).