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Client asking modification on her paid and completed order! shall i ask for a new payment or not!?

hey! so i have this client whom I have submitted her order and followed the instructions and details she gave. She had completed the order and gave me positive review for it, so I was happy thinking there will be no problem anymore since I followed precisely the details and she said she liked it! the next day she wants modfication, saying she wants it to be modified! shall i ask for payment?

i’m afraid she might already be using those files I gave her and, I, will be doing a new one and she’ll be using it again for FREE!

Well…if it’s a new one, I would tell her it’s not a problem if she would like to add another gig you can get started right away, or something of the sort. If it’s just minor modifications, if it were me, I would do em and let her know this will be the last revision. In a nice way of course :wink: . You should state on your gig how many revisions you are willing to do, if any. So if this comes up again you can refer back to your gig details. Also, watermark samples sent, so they can choose which one they like and then send it.

Always ask for more money for modifications. Don’t automatically assume that they want you to do it for free. If you don’t at least ask or tell them how to purchase additional modifications they will assume its free.

My personal answer is “yes I can do that for you just purchase an additional gig and I’ll get right on it.” If its something very small I’ll just do it. But don’t be afraid to ask or direct them. Also outline your modification process in gig instructions. It really helps.