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Client asking to legally sign document after marking order complete

My client is asking for a copyrighted document after delivery is made and he marked order completed. He mentioned about the copyrighted document neither before order nor during order. Now he is jeopardizing me that he’ll contact customer support and cancel the order or change the review(positive review). I’m concerned what should I do now?


What do you mean by “copyrighted”?

You don’t have to sign anything. Their contract with Fiverr is proof that they own it. Let CS know that he threatened you. He shouldn’t be able to cancel the order on his own unless you delivered it late, but I’m not sure.


Can you please tell us what kind of document?

I have no idea what a copyrighted document is. Do you mean he wants you to put in writing that what you delivered to him is copyrighted?

Tell him that is not part of what your gig offers but you can assure him that what you delivered is copyrighted by you and that transfers to him as part of the delivery and what fiverr’s terms of service state. He doesn’t need a specific document for that.

If he left a review he can’t change it.

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It is important to transfer copyright to the client after the work is done. For instance a Logo Design.
It’s a basic manner that needs to be followed by the designer even if client doesn’t ask for it.
Go for online templates or message me I shall provide you with a proper template.

The copyright does not need to be in writing, it’s never done. A copyright is automatic for any type of creative work.

Someone has a misunderstanding of how copyrights work.

Oh come on. I’m sorry but you’re mistaken. It’s automatic and is not put in writing.

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All the top professionals in Logo Design field do this and also tell other designers and clients to do so.

In Washington D.C. there is an office where you can register a copyright but that’s not necessary.

I bought some art on fiverr and when it was delivered to me I became the copyright holder. It’s just an automatic process.

If you ever need to prove you own something that’s why you have the source files to show anyone who challenges that.

Having a “signed document” is not legal proof.

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Of course they do. I’m not saying they don’t. Wow.

I’m saying that what you’re describing is NOT a copyright, you have no template that creates a copyright (because it doesn’t work that way, as I explained – unless you’re a government agency?) and copyrights are NOT required or allowed or necessary on Fiverr.

A copyright is NOT a template filled out and signed by the owner and creator. That’s not at all what a copyright is. And as @misscrystal explained, a signed document is not proof of ownership. It doesn’t mean you legally own the intellectual property.

You know, no disrespect, but your profile is brand new and you probably shouldn’t go around telling people to message you for an advice or templates of anything. Especially considering that fiverr transfers the copyright automatically as per fiverr’s ToS.

OP, tell your buyer the the copyright has been automatically transferred to them as per fiverr’s ToS. I’d also contact CS to report the situation (and the threats) and ask them if there is something else that can be done or said to put the buyer’s mind at ease.


As others have said, copyright transfers on completion of the job. But more worryingly for me, your buyer should not be changing the scope of the task, or introducing anything new, at any point unless it is by mutual consent.

Others, please correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m sure that no one (buyers or sellers) can change existing feedback. So from that point of view, you have nothing to worry about.

Personally I would message the buyer and state that you have completed the job under the agreed terms, that it is a breach of Fiverr’s terms of service to threaten, and say that you will now report him to customer support for making such a threat.

Thank you for your concern on this issue. Copyrighted document - he asking to sign with my legal information a document that created by his lawyer. Let me mention here that Project budget is just $10.

Yes, he wanted me to sign a document created by his lawyer with my legal information to give him copyrights of the delivery.

He needs to learn how Fiverr works. He owns it and you’re not allowed to sign it anyway, really. It isn’t part of the work so it isn’t really allowed. You’d have to give your real name.

Don’t let a buyer bully you into doing something unnecessary and against the ToS.

All he needs to do is read the ToS. You’d think if he was upstart enough to get a lawyer he would be upstart enough to look up and understand the tools of the platform he’s using to get jobs done! Wow what a character…

It’s not worth it to work with people who are like this. Spare yourself the trouble.


Thanks for guidance.

You don’t have to sign anything

As per Fiverr terms of Service rights of the design is of the owner once the order is complete. until you state in your GIG that you will charge extra for the rights.


OP you can send the buyer a copy of that text above which states clearly how the copyright process on fiverr works. That’s all he needs to read to see that he doesn’t need a signed document of any kind.


Do you know how much a lawyer charges to write the least of all legal documents? :slightly_smiling_face: :wink:

Just do as you were advised above. First of all contact CS explaining the whole situation (including the threat). Afterwards, tell your buyer he has been transferred all rights as per Fiverr’s TOS and send him the screenshot provided by @priyasumit786.

And don’t worry about the buyer changing the review. Reviews can’t be changed once they’re given, unless they violate Fiverr’s TOS in any way.


By the way, @cr8ivedesigns, did you create the logo you’re using on your profile image?

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I don’t think the client would be talking about a Copyright, maybe they would have meant a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). Check again with the client if they meant the NDA instead of a Copyright. Just adding my bit, you already have great advice from other members.