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Client asking to sign a 'Non Disclosure Document' in the middle of order

Hello Friends, i am in the middle of my order, my client is asking to sign a legal document ‘Non Disclosure Agreement’. What to do, need your opinion.


I think there is no harm in signing an agreement before the completion of the order.
Some people even sign the agreement before the order starts.


FYI you can not sign any documents that will have your personal details like name address etc and that’s what every NDA will need to have. So by signing NDA you will be breaking TOS.

You can tell them that their privacy protected with fiverr TOS or you can sign it only with your fiverr nickname



CS told me all the legalities are taken care of by fiverr and we as sellers are in no way obligated to sign any extra documents. We don’t have to do it and can’t be forced to do it.

Your client is incredibly careless, though. Don’t they think you can just refuse and even if they cancel the order over your refusal, you have all the information already?


Hi, they are asking my name only in the document, but in multiple times. Not asked for contact details or address yet.

Unless it was mentioned prior to the start of the order, you don’t have to sign it.

Your full legal name?

You don’t have to sign it, period.

Full name they said.

If you said you would, then you have to as long as there is no personal information.

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You can’t do this, it’s against ToS.

Username only.

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Your name is your personal detail.

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True, my name is my personal detail, and as fiverr rule we can not share to other fiverr user.
Ok, so now i know my client will cancel the order :frowning:

Your buyer probably talked to their legal department after placing the order. Or to their cousin who is a lawyer. And here is how you have this situation on your hands.

Explain to them that what they’re asking you to do is a ToS violation and remind them that they haven’t mentioned any documents before the order was placed. If they insist, contact CS and ask them to cancel because the buyer is trying to force you to give out personal information.

Or just go straight to CS and ask for a cancelation (on the basis of the buyer violating ToS). They may cancel it in a way that won’t affect you.


Yeah I informed CS about the situation, just waiting for their mail.

Is there a way Fiverr can handle such a case for me as a seller without me violating ToS?

For example, as a sort of trustee while not exposing my information directly. Or by adding a 3rd party screening to the linked profiles. Or a standard NDA I can digitally sign. After all providing such a service would increase the credibility of sellers and increase customer trust.

Asking for a NDA as a customer is a valid request, especially when dealing with sensitive information.

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