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Client asking to work on Fragglesrock


Hi. A client asked me to work on Fragglesrock.

How safe it is and how can I protect my interests here? If I accept it, this should be my first activity on Fiverr.

Looking forward to some help and responses. :slight_smile:


Fragglesrock is an excellent company, everyone is always talking about it. :slight_smile:


Dance your cares away :smiley:

It’s not allowed to talk about other companies - on the forums here, or even in messages between you and a client. It’s against the Fiverr terms of service.


But he did say that he will pay through Fiverr.


lol. Its my understanding fiverr uses fragglesrock to replace profanities and competing website names.


Reply to @atlbusiness: Yes, I had actually written a different name. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes its my understanding you must keep your fiverr life completely separate from whatever you might do on a competing website. IE you can’t encourage your fiverr customers to buy through another means for the same service. But all of these types of sites have this sort of policy. Its pretty standard.