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Client behaviour

Hi there, I want to ask something. The client gives me the order and place the requirements but the work he wants from me is more than the purchased gig, what should I do know?


Hi there,

you should deliver what was described to deliver.

Eg. unlimited revisions…

Thanks for your consideration, but, in my case, I described, I will add subtitles up-to 5 min and he has given me the video up-to 20 min. Now, I talked to him, he accepted the extend time request, but, is this fair?

Did he also pay you for 20 minutes instead of 5 or did he just extend the time?


You could add an extra and see if he will pay the extra.

One thing is though, that in your “I will add subtitles to video or add english captions to videos” gig,
though the basic package says “up-to 5 minutes video…” the number of minutes in the box in that package defaults to 10. The price it allows based on the entered number of mins (up to 10 mins) is still $5 currently. I’d reduce the number in that minutes box to 5 so it’s clearer for future orders


Deliver 20 mins at original cost and correct your description.

No, he paid me for 5 min, but his video is 20 min long. Initially, he says, If you work good, you have the long term opportunity to work with us.

A long term opportunity to work for someone who pays 25% of what he’s supposed to. Is that what you really want?

You could simply subtitle only 5 minutes and deliver that. I would have done roughly the same thing if my buyer hadn’t paid for the extra work he delivered


what should I correct ?

what should I do now, wait or something else.

The initial figure in the “number of minutes” field in the basic package of the
" I will add subtitles to video or add english captions to videos" gig.

It’s showing 10 currently in the basic package.


He has just extended the time.

ok, if it is 10, still, he paid me 50%.

Like @uk1000 has said, I would fix the amount of minutes your packages have. Then I would gently and politely request your buyer to pay for the extra work. If he makes a big fuss about it, he wouldn’t be someone you want to work with long-term.



Thanks, I found it, But still with basic package, he just paid to me 50% price.

Nobody says this in earnest. If they wanted to pay you for your work, they would do it now, not later.

Charge them for the cost of the work and make sure you fix any issues in your gig so that there can be absolutely zero confusion for buyers when they’re ordering manually.

And for crying out loud, :stop_sign: DO NOT OFFER UNLIMITED REVISIONS :stop_sign:


Thanks for your suggestion.

You have some options: either try to persuade the buyer to pay the right amount, or just complete the order as is. Sometimes buyer’s don’t read the description properly and it’s a genuine mistake.

Alternatively, you could cancel the order - some buyers try to take advantage of new sellers to get things done - even more! cheaply. Saying “no” is always an option.

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Send them an extra to double the price.

With a message in line with: “I’ve noticed that you’ve ordered more work than this package includes. Here are my gig terms (attach the gig terms with the relevant part circled in red). I’ve attached an extra for the correct amount. Thank you!”

(Don’t quote me, my polite English is terrible this morning.) Be as enthusiastic and polite as possible. It could be a mistake on your buyer’s part.

If they refuse, you can either continue working with them or cancel. I’d recommend the latter but ultimately, it’s your decision to take the risk.