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Client came back :)

I just deliver the order and client got the files he said “looks really great so far and looks great bro !” and then I got notification for REVISION REQUESTED “Revise your delivery to avoid cancellation” and client comment on this was “okay thanks”.
Again I got notification “THE BUYER CANCELLED THIS ORDER AND FUNDS WERE RETURNED TO THEIR BALANCE.” really I thought to contact the buyer and I was not able to contact him anymore.

Order was for $400 and I worked 8-12 Day late nights. I am upset and angry. :sob:

Is there any way where we can get the money and then deliver the source file?

Update: Client came back, has some issue with card and PayPal account, very happy that I started the project again and deliver it.

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Sounds like a PayPal chargeback. :expressionless:

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Please remove the buyer’s name, it is aginst Forum rules to call out anyone. Plus your buyer is no longer on Fiverr so I agree with @offlinehelpers it was more than likely a PayPal charge back. :confused:


Just checked @vickiespencer - the buyer’s account’s gone, so it doesn’t really make a difference I suppose, but definitely a PayPal chargeback.

This is precisely why I won’t offer anything costing more than a few dollars on here. :frowning:

Added - of course @tabrejkhan682 - it goes without saying, I’m really sorry this happened to you.


I am sorry to say so, but no. :weary:

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Ditto! This is some scary shit! :grimacing: $5/$10/$20 I could live with but in the hundreds, um no it would suck.

I would be, too. Smoke would be coming outta my nose. :triumph:
Fiverr don’t really fight these cases, I mean you can ask them.
Some people got their money back rare case by case basis tho.


Oh Thanks, It was just my frustration…lol

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Please open a ticket with customer support and ask for escalation.

They may be able to save part of your funds.


If you can, find where your buyer using your work and contact the website hosting provider demanding its removal. Buzzwords which should get an instant response include ‘my personal data, source file, and GDPR.’ (If your’re not in Europe, you will have to bluff a bit.)

Compensation might not be forthcoming but it’s pretty easy to name, shame, and obliterate the business models of buyers like this.


Thanks, I already raised the ticket as soon as i got the cancellation msg, but now this guy profile is no longer active it seems. anyway thanks for your support.

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Open a ticket to CS and proof them you got the work done and the buyer accepted it.
CS probably will do you a partial funds to the order amount, at least you got some $. It will direct to your fiverr balance, no need to wait. Good Luck!

Next time if an order is worth more than 100, try a ‘milestone’ offer to your buyer just to be safe. Wait them finish part 1 only proceed to part 2, between the time you know what game they are playing.


hmm… first of all, welcome to one of the fiverr seller’s worst nightmare. since 2013, i had worked with hundreds of buyers who had ordered something and when i delivered they would just cancel it telling that " that was not what they wanted ". those projects ran from around 5$ to 200$ and even 300$'s.

We really dont have much over buyers as sellers.


Being in the process of setting up a new website from scratch, my costs so far (without even getting as far as installing WordPress) have come to $200-ish. I can’t imagine, in this case, what a nightmare a $400 chargeback would be, given that some services will require sellers to invest a substantial sum of money in every service they offer.

Currently, my basic costs for creating work are less than $100 a month. (Not counting power, labor, etc.) I simply don’t think I’d dare ever introduce services which cost me more upfront. - I’d end up going full Michael Douglas in Breaking Down.


This happens so often on this platform that I limited the work I do here.
If it ever happens to me, I’ll leave and take my returning customers with me.


Thanks for your suggestions, it is really helpful and I will follow the same as you suggested.

Thanks a ton

Weeks of discussions that can be summed up in:

“Fiverr is ambitious, forward-thinking Company attempting to move away from a $5 to the higher priced model. See the guy who designed Apple’s logo offering Logo Design for $10,000, it can be done! See?”

*Illegitimate Paypal Chargeback Ensues… *

Fiverr: "We’re sorry but we aren’t a Company serious or large enough to hire a dozen of CS professionals that will take care of fighting the PayPal disputes for honest, hard-working Sellers and prevent them from getting ripped off by hundreds of dollars from scamming, high scale buyers that we are after bringing to the marketplace.

But, oh, don’t worry! We’ll ban their accounts if they rip you off for several hundreds (maybe even thousands)! (Can you imagine a $10,000 order requiring weeks of hard work being charged back and immediately refunded?)

Takes entire 7 minutes of their time to setup a new one, change their mail and IP and do it all over again. That shoulld show them! 7 minutes is no joke!

Don’t you worry. Hey, by the way, we raised the ‘Service fees’ by the way so we can keep providing you with the outstanding protection we offered so far and keep making you feel safe, confident and prosperous working for a renowned, future reputed & high priced agency such as Fiverr.

See you!,
The Fiverr Team"

LOL, If I wasn’t as capable and business savvy as I am, and had tons of success in various ventures, I too would spend DAYS and WEEKS ranting about Fiverr, their decisions and Dev Team on Forum. I completely feel and understand you. Can’t advise anything else than: provide serious work on serious platforms.

Doing large orders on Fiverr is great if you have a long, mutually respectful relationship with your Client. But it’s your relationship with your Client that will protect you, not Fiverr’s policies and protective mechanisms.

Cause’ none exist.

Once again, I’m very sorry this happened to you. Extremely costly lesson.


I have got same experience today but I’m silent :cry::cry::cry:
Now just thinking is the Fiverr safe for seller ??


You have the right to become sad.
Fiverr should make new rules for clients that if they cancel any order, their money will be refunded within a time limit, like the seller have when they complete any project they will got their money in 14 days…: :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:


It’s because they use PayPal as a payment processor - it’s PayPal who will give the buyer their money back within 180 days, not really Fiverr’s fault I suppose.


They will never make new rules for clients they are just trying to drink juice of sellers with their policies in the eyes of fiverr Client Is King -_-