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Client can change review (2019)?

Client wants to change the review. Now He can change?

No. And it’s better to tell your buyer not to try to, or you’ll get a warning.


I didn’t tell him anything about it, He gave a wrong review so he was close to changing. He’s trying to change himself. He asked for help from me so I posted.

No. What I’m saying is to tell your buyer not to ask to change the review, because if they do, CS will give you a warning.

Tell your buyer to keep still and do nothing. Tell him to leave the review as it is.


Why CS will give me a warning? He already contacts on CS and customer support

Fiverr usually doesn’t allow feedback to be removed or edited unless it is abusive or has violated the Terms of Service. The review you have been left isn’t abusive and hasn’t violated the ToS.

Here’s the advice Fiverr gives to buyers in the Buyer Help Center (these words were written by Fiverr itself):

  • After you leave feedback, you cannot edit or remove it.

Fiverr wants buyers to feel they can leave honest feedback. Any seller who chats to their buyers about feedback or encourages them to remove or edit their reviews risks an account warning. Some prominent sellers on this forum have received account warnings just for mentioning the word “review” to a buyer.

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So what should I do now?

@Maitasun gave you the best advice. Accept the review your buyer left, learn from it, and move on.

You are entitled to share your side of the story. You can respond to the feedback, and future buyers will be able to see your response to it. I suggest you try to explain the situation from your side calmly and succinctly.


Now there’s nothing you can do. Sorry, but you should have listened.

Thank you for your suggestion.
Can you please give me this article link, please.

After you leave feedback, you cannot edit or remove it.


You’re welcome.


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Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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