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Client cancel the project


so this client said love my style in making comic, and then we have a deal making a comic, he brief me the detail of every panel (only 5 panel), and i make everything as he said. after 3 days with 3 revisions with a very slow respons suddenly he cancel and said it’s not what i’m after!..again he said “it’s not what i’m after!”
i was like REALLY? after he said like my style and choose to work with me and have 3 revision on going…
in the end i agree to cancel the project, because i know fiverr will let the buyer win in any how (with all due respect), but i just wonder is there a way to reduce this such scam client (i think) ?

*sorry for my bad english :slight_smile:


Well, to be honest you scammed yourself.
If you did all work according to your gig and client requirements then fiver wouldn’t cancel the order. That literally written in TOS that orders are not cancelled based on quiality of work provided.

You did the work you should stand you ground and probably you should’ve contact support so they could advise you what steps to take.


yeah, but its already happen to me, once i got rude customer and i report him, and then he report me back and i got down one level, so i was kinda think like fiverr so pro to buyer (sadly)