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Client cancelled completed order

Hello everyone! I come to report this and ask for your opinion.

I have been working on a large animation order, on this as I speak with the client and she attaches her documents to me, but when I asked for feedback on the process she refused to delve deeper and said that she preferred to wait for the order to be completed.

I told her that December 13th is the delivery date.

When I deliver the animation she says that the quality was not what I expected, that according to I did not follow the document, but she contradicted herself because she mentioned things like bright colors (which she did not say in the document) and she did not want to go deeper than she did not like, or a detail that was in the script, which she said she did not want to see, and there was already a contradiction.

I mention to her that I made that scene because it was in the document and that on fiverr she sent her requests she accepted that they were defintive.

But I asked her for more information to facilitate the process, I ask in every moment for feedbacks, but she refused to cooperate, she insisted that I follow the document and she told me that instead of mentioning the ToS it was my obligation to work.

I told her that I do it courteously and in the end I told her that I will work on the artistic section of the colors and make some changes in the script. this to see if I understand what she asked for.

Just before delivering the modified order (even though she was not very specific) she threatened to dispute with her payment provider if she did not deliver before January 3 (when I uploaded it before then)

I give her the order and mention that I made the changes that she said, I told her that I could compensate her and if she wanted another version, I would do it, but she decides to dispute because according to what I did not do what she asked.

I refuse to cancel because it is against the page to cancel an order delivered in terms of quality, and I contact CS, they tell me to try to reach an agreement so as not to harm my business and warn her that canceling your payment provider is Against the rules of the page.

She does not respond to me anymore and the order was completed, she continued with the threats, I notified CS and they told me that they took the evidence and that if she canceled I would inform them.

The issue is that later they write to me and say that all this was my responsibility, because I had to reach an agreement, when my client did not want to cooperate and the person who attended me at CS said that he would not do anything for me.

The order was completed, I received a 1 * rating and I proceed to rate it, until there.

After several days the order was canceled and I decide to inform CS in the ticket that created previously, he tells me that he would not do anything because I did not comply with what she requested.

I explain to him and give him proof that I did. But he basically tells me that it’s not his job to help me check, that it’s my responsibility.

Then I create another ticket, I inform that they canceled my completed order and attach all the evidence, and in effect another person attends me and tells me that she made a dispute in the payment, that they will investigate my case further and penalize the customer’s account for disputing with their payment provider, when the order was completed.

What do you think about it? I did everything she asked considering her reference document, but when she did not want to accept she did not want to cooperate.


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And why is your Character Animation gig in the Whiteboard Explainer category?

I hate to say it, but I would not be surprised if CS took a closer look at your gigs and work delivered and decided that the Buyer was right. You claim ‘professional’ but I see intermediate at best, and amateur is more likely.

Honestly, I do think the Buyer probably had expectations that were too high, but it’s also possible you were specifically and intentionally targeted by someone who knew they could either: get work from you and be refunded because you’re claiming professional quality, or get work from you by intentionally expanding their scope because you couldn’t meet your claims. Or both.

It might be best to accept this one as a loss and learn from the bad experience.

(Yes, the Buyer broke the ToS, but you have too.)


Yes, you are right, I will go to modify my gig and learn from this experience.

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