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Client cancelled order after delivered over a month ago

Got a notification that I was compensated for a cancelled order but I’m unsure how the client was able to cancel it even when they got their order delivered A MONTH AGO.

How do they even win their money back like that? This is just fraud at this point :woman_facepalming:

Cancellation is a very frustrating experience. This kind of fraud buyers usually files a chargeback with their payment processing site or credit card company. Credit card company or the payment processor usually refunds the buyer.

Similar situation happened a few weeks ago with A $30 order and the client cancelled 2 months after it was delivered :woman_facepalming: They even inboxed me that they felt bad leaving a negative review after asking how we could have improved. Yet they cancelled 2 months later. Absurdity

I’m unsure how they win the case though? Is it that easy? Surely Fiverr has better security in place.

A few years ago, I completed more than 12 orders for a client. Total cleared balance was over $700. That client also provided positive feedback on my order. One day suddenly, I received several emails that those orders were completed and funds returned to the buyer — more than $700 of cleared fund gone. I contacted the buyer, and the buyer responded that her credit card was charged twice while purchasing gigs on Fiverr, and that is why she filed a chargeback with the credit card company. Though she assured me that she would repurchase my gigs to compensate, she never did that. Compensation for cancellation feature was not available than on Fiverr. I was quite devastated after that experience.

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Here is your answer :point_down:

That person’s profile is no longer active, so there’s your confirmation that it was a chargeback.

It’s not Fiverr’s fault and they compensated you, so you were lucky :wink: