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Client cancelled order after delivered over a month ago

Got a notification that I was compensated for a cancelled order but I’m unsure how the client was able to cancel it even when they got their order delivered A MONTH AGO.

You may not post usernames or info from your inbox or screenshots with your buyers name .


Cancellation is a very frustrating experience. This kind of fraud buyers usually files a chargeback with their payment processing site or credit card company. Credit card company or the payment processor usually refunds the buyer.

Similar situation happened a few weeks ago with A $30 order and the client cancelled 2 months after it was delivered :woman_facepalming: They even inboxed me that they felt bad leaving a negative review after asking how we could have improved. Yet they cancelled 2 months later. Absurdity

I’m unsure how they win the case though? Is it that easy? Surely Fiverr has better security in place.

A few years ago, I completed more than 12 orders for a client. Total cleared balance was over $700. That client also provided positive feedback on my order. One day suddenly, I received several emails that those orders were completed and funds returned to the buyer — more than $700 of cleared fund gone. I contacted the buyer, and the buyer responded that her credit card was charged twice while purchasing gigs on Fiverr, and that is why she filed a chargeback with the credit card company. Though she assured me that she would repurchase my gigs to compensate, she never did that. Compensation for cancellation feature was not available than on Fiverr. I was quite devastated after that experience.


Here is your answer :point_down:


That person’s profile is no longer active, so there’s your confirmation that it was a chargeback.

It’s not Fiverr’s fault and they compensated you, so you were lucky :wink:

This is ridiculous (I had a chargeback case about 2-3 years ago, a client was ordering regularly for three months. Then I got over $500 in cancellations. Because these were multiple cancellations, imagine my cancellation rate. Also it put my account balance on minus since I was spending all that money over those months. I couldn’t even pay my rent that month. The client left only five star reviews full of praises, saying how “perfect” the videos were! I sent screenshots to CS, to which they said they cannot do anything about a paypal chargeback and that though they agree it was definitely fraud, all they can do is delete this buyer’s account and that I should keep in mind they also lost their commission… So I guess there is truly nothing CS could have done…I am very weary of repeat buyers now… It’s scary. I start trusting my earnings after three month is up (which is the paypal allowed time for a chargeback). Also… I contacted Paypal and they said Fiverr was the client, not me, so only Fiverr could have issued a dispute on that chargeback. If it was videos tat were published I would have definitely go for a war of copyright infringement, but it was a video course this person was selling and I had no idea how to find those videos to claim them. Oh well… Just keep in mind it’s best to only feel the money is yours, after 3 months are up. At least with bigger orders. Asking for a chargeback, when some of us here work on a minimum hourly wage already is like getting hired for a week then fired, then having our ex boss ask our bank to return that salary they paid us for that week. It’s a service, it’s our time, it’s not a T-shirt we get returned back to us that we can sell to someone else…

EDIT: I am not sure, but I think they removed those cancellation from impacting my rate in the end, so at last there is that :slight_smile: It’s been long ago, but this post brought those bitter feelings back up.


Cancellation is a very frustrating experience. This kind of fraud buyers usually files a chargeback with their payment processing site or credit card company. Credit card company or the payment processor usually refunds the buyer. Contact Fiverr customer support with all of the proof of coversation with order id. They will help you

Buyers can request a cancellation as long as the order isn’t in “status completed”. If the seller doesn’t respond within 48 hours the order will be cancelled. Another option is if an order is late, then a buyer can cancel without the need of the seller’s approval.

should get feed back from customer support.

I’m currently experiencing exact same case. I got back to back two emails saying “I’m late to deliver” and “your order is cancelled by the buyer” as @mariashtelle1 explained. I was shocked. I have opened a ticket for about 10 days now but I haven’t received any answer yet. Did you try to contact CS about it?

This doesn’t sound good at all. :frowning: I expect better from Fiverr CS. Still waiting for any human response from Fiverr CS as their response time is extended.

Edit: I have removed the screenshot. Sorry about that! :neutral_face:

This is a really bad and sad experience. But you have to recover it with other orders. I have facing like this problems. Moreover one month a buyer suddenly cancelled the order and the amount reverses to the buyer and its the effect on my profile. It’s the Fiverr rules seller profiles will be responsible for all of the cancellation. :roll_eyes:

What!! Is this even legal?

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Should not be :wink: I took a break from Fiverr for a while back then, but now I just try to keep the “these funds will be truly mine in 3 months, not now” approach.

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This is so painful. This is Charge-back from the buyer.

I cried and cried when a buyer I worked with 2 months ago did a charge-back on all of the orders I have completed for her. Over $550

All of my budgeted pending clearance paid for it. I contacted Fiverr but they couldn’t do anything. It was so much painful. I was devastated.

Fiverr doesn’t have any control over payment processors. I lost $700+ when a regular buyer started a charge back with her payment processor. My one month of work vanished within few minutes. :sob: :sob: :sob:

Fiverr should introduce some kind of “Seller protection system”

Fiverr should change their name to “Freer”. Because I keep on hearing stories about sellers on here being forced to work for free. It just happened to me this week too. I’m so tired of the scammers!