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Client cancelled order after late delivery and tries to get the prohect for free when i realized what he is doing i rejected his requests then he says he will order again !?

Hello ,
As said in title , i was working on a very big project my client didnt give much information i didn’t notice at first but then i had to ask him when i was late about some stuff he required and they were not clear that would make my work easier and faster . the client go so mad and angry cuz i didnt ask that at the begining of the project , i explained to him that the work proces didnt require to ask about those informations when i started working and that it was the final step .
He got so mad wouldnt listen or even explain to me so i can finish when i am telling him i am almost done . So we canceled order

Now the fun part begins !!!He comes back to me again ! Asks for free samples of the final project ! He then explains the requirement i didnt understand !! Furthermore he says that he is interested in ordering again on one condition ! That i send him an example of the final result so he would know i am done !
I do that and i send him not only 1 but 2 samples … And as anyone would expect he starts correcting the sample and add other requirements and asks for more free sample because he is not " convinced enough it is what he wants " althought the samples clearly show that i have finished everything !
Outraged by these requests ! I refuse and tell him “one bird in the hand is worth two in the bush” so i would rather work on a 5$ project than waiste my time with a client who is promising me a 300$ project without any order! He says " ok thanks for your good time "
And he disapears for a week , to send a very late midnight message asking if i can resend the order he will pay me to finish the job again …
Now i am worried if i get tempted by the price he will leave a review and damage me more than the cancelled order …
What do you think ?

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Don’t send samples for free , never .

well here’s what you did wrong… don’t let your order get late… communicate with your buyer from the start … of course he got mad if you were late…

I block anyone who cancels an order , there’s no point of giving him another opportunity to cancel another one…

If he wants to place an order he’s somewhat please with those samples you sent I guess so I don’t know if he would leave a review or not … about the price well if money is important then you can accept to work with him again if not simply avoid him.