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Client cancels order 25 days after delivery on time, paid , 5 star review & closed


Client placed order, i delivered on time and he gave me a 5 star review. Order was paid out to me and closed. Almost 25 days later (today), i login and receive an alert from Fiverr that client has cancelled that order and money has been refunded to him.

Client profile page has been disabled. This is obviously fraud. I’ve alerted Fiverr support already. Will i get my money back?

This is very discouraging. And by the way, i can see the client is actually using the product that I delivered to him


It is called chargeback. You can contact CS.

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You won’t be getting your funds back
There are very little chances of that happening

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Yeah, please knock CST :man_technologist:


Fiverr support have replied and said they are looking into it.


I’ve had this occur before, and in my situations, Fiverr’s team reviewed my interactions with the client(s) and determined I was eligible for the payments and it was credited back to my account.

Hopefully the same will happen for you.

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Fiverr have gotten back to me. To cut the long story short, what they have said is that i have been defrauded and there is nothing much they can do to refund my money.