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Client can't give me review for old order

One of my client forgot to give me the review.After 3 months he came to give me another order.When I told him to give me the review for that old order he already searched but he didn’t found the option to give the review (as he told)
Then where is the problem? How can he give me the review or can’t he give!

Thanks advance :slightly_smiling_face:

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Same question mine…is there any solution guys?

You shouldn’t ask for review to a buyer it was an old order son it doesn’t really matter anymore, and also, buyer can only review an order if it’s less than 30 days old.

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I was just trying to increase my total review.

By the way thanks a lot @renelisabreur :slight_smile:

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Actually it’s not possible buyer can give review after order complete 30 days.

Yeah, recently I know that.

Thanks a lot @shovonboshak11

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Welcome best of luck

When they don’t review, I don’t ask because I believe they should the moment they see my their deliver

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Yeah, I think so.

Thank you @burnbetty

you are welcome:grinning:

thank you @burnbetty

Interesting, I didn’t know that. That’s a good thing to keep in mind.


A buyer on this forum said the buyer is given two chances to post a review before they complete the order. So if they choose not to then pushing it only could upset them.


Thanks for Comment @vickiespencer