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Client change rating from 5 stars to 1 stars for personal reason, Is it fair?

Hello, Let me make the long story short, a buyer hired me to copy 100 school information from a website. As agreed, the final deliverable was a spreadsheet with the 100 school name, address, and phone number based on his certain criteria he provided.

As per his request, I delivered him the result within a couple of hours of ordering.

  1. After the first delivery, he left me 4.7 stars rating with a positive comment.

  2. I was expecting a perfect 5 stars rating since the job was delivered as per his specification and super fast (within a couple of hours).

  3. After a few minutes, he asked me to make a change and I delivered him as he wanted and he was soo much happy. Though there was a little mis-understanding but, I redelivered 100% what he asked for:

This was his quoted response on the redelivered file:

“Thank you sooooooooooooooo much for being so kind and understanding.”
“It’s perfect!”

Afterward, he changed the review to 5 stars upon my request.

  1. After that, he started sending me the messages which were totally unnecessary and irrelevant to the job just completed. I politely said that I am a busy seller and I don’t have time to deal with unnecessary issues.

  2. It seems he took this message personally. Then he started threatening me to send him to review change request as he wanted me to leave a negative review.

I politely refused to send him review change request as I dont want him to leave me a negative review.

  1. Today, I just got a notification that he changed the review to 1 stars with all the lies one can imagine.

Now my questions:

  1. How a 5 stars review became 1 stars when I delivered 100% and everything is recorded here on Fiverr message and order page?

  2. How long it is fair when a client left a 5 stars review based on the result I delivered, But support guys allow him to change the review ONLY to serve his ego problem?

  3. I am a professional seller and this situation hurting me deeply. Where is your seller protection?

Looking forward to the response from experience person.

As a footer note: I am doing freelancing for last five years. I started on Elance back in 2012, currently one of the top-rated freelancers on UpWork, recently started working on Fiverr.

So, I dealt with different types of clients in the past but he seems to be the most confused and paranoid client I have ever meet on Fiverr so far. Sorry, I don’t mean to insult any client but this is what was my realization.


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It’s impossible for him to change a review unless initiated by Fiverr Support. (In which case you should be contacting Support regarding this issue.)


Your questions can only be answered by customer support I’m afraid - we’re only buyers and sellers like you.

@thecreativeguys is/are(?) quite right, buyers can no longer change their reviews by themselves - it can only be done through CS.


Yes, I raised a support ticket and I am not expecting something good from them. I know this is going to be another templated answer.

Sorry, My experience with Fiverr support is not good, yet I am waiting to read their answer.

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“are” would be correct :wink:


I was just trying to see the review he left on your services. But the account looks to be deleted.

“The user account you are looking for is no longer available.”

It’s a forum error - it adds a 1 to the end of some users’ Fiverr username.

Try it without the added ‘1’.


Angry and disappointed no doubt. But my advice to you is move on and deliver the same kind of high quality orders to the rest of the buyers who appreciate your works. There are many incidents happen when doing freelance jobs like us, just move on and there are many good friendly buyers out there. :slight_smile:

Whoever support member did it is not allowed to.

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What did he say in the messages?

I agree that if customer support cannot change a bad review to a good one, they should not be able to change a good review to a bad one.

Ask for a second opinion about that in the same ticket you opened with them.


Unless you have not fully explained your situation, it’s impossible for Fiverr to change the review from good to worse without consulting with you beforehand.

Did you somehow provide your buyer with the opportunity to change their feedback or are you positive Fiverr indeed did so?

Please keep us updated as to what Support explains.

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If you have a screenshot of the previous review(s) that would help your case 100%

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but she dont have it, thats the reason of the post i guess

I didn’t keep the screenshot of the previous feedback rating. He left me a 4.7 stars rating first, then 5 stars after my redelivery then 5.0 stars!
Yesterday, when I open this thread I got a notification that rating changed to 1 stars.

Yes, I am moving ahead and I know this kind of client/people in the earth rarely exist but unfortunately I met one.

So CS will change a review from 5 stars to 1 star, just because someone said she doesn’t have time to chat. :thinking:


I thought the review cannot be changed once given? I vividly remember read it somewhere on this.

This is exactly the facts! @misscrystal

Update: This was Fiverr support initial feedback on my query:

Hi there Sabina,

Thank you for contacting us.

I’m sorry to hear that your experience with this buyer has been less than positive. I understand you are concerned that your order may be cancelled if the buyer contacts Support.

Please rest assured that we take our sellers’ revenue very seriously, and we require buyers to provide us with a satisfactory explanation and proof before canceling an order. When you don’t get paid, neither does Fiverr; we want every Gig order to be successful. However, we also cannot force a buyer to accept an order with which they are not satisfied.

If the buyer seems uncertain about the work that you have done for the order, may I recommend that you create a list detailing the work you have done on the order, and explain to the buyer how this list compares to your Gig description and the buyer’s order requirements?

Please continue communicating with the buyer to see if you are able to reach a mutually beneficial agreement regarding this order, and let us know if there is anything we can assist you with.

Keep us posted.

Best regards!

(It apparently visible that the agent never read my request and answer with a premade template)

This was my reply to the support:

Hi, I am totally disappointed with you guys!
Who asked you to cancel the order?
Did you ever read my message?
Please read my message again. If you can’t understand the problem I described above then just let me know. I will try to explain in a better way. BUT please don’t send me another template answer again

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This was another answer from support:

Hi there,

Thanks for following up and I apologize for the confusion. While we understand your frustration regarding this feedback, we will not be able to remove it due to our feedback removal policy. The buyer is able to change their feedback as they see fit based upon their experience with an order. While we cannot speak for the buyer, it appears that they changed their review based upon their overall experience with the order and you as a seller.

May I recommend if you are uncertain why a feedback was left, asking the buyer something along the lines of “Could you please provide me some more feedback as to what I could’ve done to improve your experience?” This way the buyer can give you constructive criticism to work on to improve the order at hand and your future orders as well.

We are currently working on improving our seller protection and experience. I will forward your suggestion to our product developers for further review. For more information regarding our Feedback Policy, please see the link below.