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Client Claims he paid but I didn't receive the order

The client demands he paid me in 2 orders $30 & $15 respectively in different orders but I receive only 1 order for $30. The client showing he paid for another order of $15 Order #F07F3E868B81 which I didn’t receive. Can you please let me know where the order is gone and what will I do now?


It’s better to contact customer support regarding this matter. They will help you

Check your email, you must have a received a notification of the same. If you haven’t received a notification via email of the order placed then you need to ask your buyer to contact the support.

And check if this link exists at your end?

If not, inform your buyer to open a support ticket for the same.

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That’s good, no worries about that. You can do 2 things.
!* first one is: check your mail &
!* second is: logout from fiverr and again login then check the notification.
★ Finally, if you’ve still now issue: please contact with support, they will help you & they’re very supportive :upside_down_face::blush:

@pure_service I did but they didn’t respond still but I need the earliest help for this issue. For this issue I can lose this job too.

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