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Client Completion Notification never sent

Ughhhh I feel terrible! I just had a wonderful new client who loved the voiceover work. When I send the final delivery I always add, “please let me know if I can do anything else”
I was so busy at the time and 2 weeks flew by and there it is…a notification that a buyer left a 5 star review.

100% of the time I get a notification that a buyer accepted my delivery and has left feedback. I looked at every notification and there was NO NOTIFICATION that the buyer left feedback.

I feel strongly that you should always take the time and review the buyer. What’s worse is I hope the buyer didn’t think I just didn’t care.

I only received the notification that the buyer left a 5 star review. My only option was to thank her in the reply and message her back and gave her my apologies.

I can’t even think of a way to keep track of this without depending on the notification.

Has this happened to anyone else? Did you add a protocol in to avoid missing a buyer completion?

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I’m noticing that if I am on Fiverr - whther actively on here or just here because the page is open - I don’t necessarily get an email from clients. For instance, if I am in my orders section and someone I’ve been talking to has sent me another message, I never seem to get an email about it. If I’m not careful, I don’t catch it at all. With many messages these days, I have missed a few of these. This doesn’t happen with new potential clients; just the ones I’ve already worked with or have been talking to.

Little bit annoying to be honest!

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I still get notifications when buyers leave reviews (might have forgotten about one though). But I recently had a problem where a buyer placed an order and sent a message in chat, only the message didn’t pop up until like 10min later.

Kind of annoying and made me feel stupid when I’m asking the buyer all these questions they already sent me. :sweat_smile:

I did get notifications for subsequent messages though.

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You can set it up to receive both an email and phone notification. Be sure to get the app on your Fiverr App phone!

I have both. and there is a lack time on both. Or sometimes, not at all.