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Hello Everyone,
I recently got an order from a client. I am a graphics designer offering my logo design services. Now the problem is the client selected the additional add on of stationary design, Now for stationary design I need their contact Info like Name, phone no. , address and email address. So my question is can I ask the client to share these details via chat? I read it in the guidelines that sharing of contact info is not allowed.
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


Yes. Except email & phone number.

Hi Sakib, Thank you for the quick reply. But I am sure the clients gonna need their contact info and email address on the business card. So how can I ask them for the info?

Ask him to give you text information that he put into his design. Never use this word
(Email & Phone number)


Thank you very much for the Help Sakib!

You are Welcome. :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

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If the contact information is required as part of the order, the buyer should share it on the order page - or you can make providing that information one of your buyer requirements.