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Client does not give feedback after delivring work

hello i had a probleme and i got some questions about it, actually after 3 hours of his order i delivered him everything, but the probleme is he does not respond he never responded to a message and he just sent requirments thats all
the question is : after 3 days and if he does not give a feedback will i receive a bad rating or will i have some problems like never having more orders ? i’m affraid it is the case even if i tried hard as i can and the delivry is a high quality and delivered widthin 3 hours of his demande can you respond to me ASAP

thank you for your help in advance

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Not an automatic low rating. However, if your buyer is unhappy or happy with your work they have 10 days to leave a review.


Getting a positive review is great, however if they decide not to lease one it’ll be fine. The main thing is the money, you can’t buy lunch with reviews.


Honestly money in the first sale it dosen’t care cuz after if i got a bad rating and money i wont be able to have more sales again it will be difficult which means no money no living😞

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I just wanna know if no rating affect my ranking

If an order is rated then it can improve your ranking but if it is not rated then it will NOT badly affect your rating at all.

While delivery your final product, ask the client to mark the order as complete and leave a review. in a polite manner.

I’m not saying this is a bad idea but it’s playing with fire. Ask for a 5 star review (warning), ask for a positive review (warning), ask for a good review (warning), etc.

I don’t think it is wrong to ask to leave a review.

Yes, asking for 5 star or so does leads to warning.

Do. Not. Do. This! :scream:

Fiverr frowns :frowning_face: on this and if you are caught your account will get a warning. There have been many posts about this very issue on the Forum recently!

It was okay in the past to ask for a review, but not a 5 :star: review. However, sellers who even said the word review in a message to their buyer have received warnings.


Thanks God, I have not been caught so far because I did it many times.

Thanks for clarification @vickiespencer