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Client does not give me any Requirement


Before delivery time ends, if the client does not give me any Requirement. Can anyone say? what should I do?


It sounds like the clock is ticking down. :mantelpiece_clock: :thinking:

If the delivery time ends and you have not delivered anything there is an automated review of 1 or 0 that says you failed to deliver on time. :scream:

However, if you send an empty delivery to try to fool the system you could lose your account. :scream_cat:

If you have time you can contact CS to extend the delivery time. If you are short on time you have not choice but to cancel the order. :roll_eyes:


Buyers can’t start an order without requirements.
Did they place an order and you clicked the button that “you have everything you need” to start an order?
Or did they give you requirements but that’s not enough?


There are only 12 hours. What do I have to do now? please help me.


you can take a screenshot & send it to CS team of FIVERR. They can tell you a better idea.


Hi mokter50,
Try to extend the delivery time and then ask your to give some about buyer’s job.


You still didn’t answer any of my questions so we could help you.


Is there a button to click to confirm that ‘you have everything you need’?

I can’t remember I’ve seen that… I have to click something to open and see the requirements they have send… and by doing that it is marked as started. I think…

I’m new here and have only done 4 orders yet, but sometimes they don’t give the things you’ve asked for in the requirements or they just write ‘will give you soon’ or they give the wrong login.

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Yes, in some cases buyer placing and order and it shows as “incomplete”. Buyer placed an order but didn’t fill the requirements, and order wouldn’t start unless they will the requirements or you press the button “I have everything I need”.

There are some buyers who does it but I immediately send them time extension explaining that our clock is ticking but I will start working on the order only when they will give the requirements and that’s when the timeline will start.


Ooh I will have to look at that possibility too, to send time extension… I didn’t know of that possibility yet.

For now I had set the delivery date double as long to have more time in case of starting problems :slight_smile:


I have had buyers type in the spot where they were to leave the requirements, I will get back to you. And because they have placed text in the spot where the requirement was to be written the countdown begins. :scream:


Thank you so much I learned a lot from you.