Client Does not have complete Files Needed and Clock Ticks


Hi can I ask how do this work, I have a client which bought a gig for me and just say a 2 word My brand was “samplebrand” then I created the said brand then after 12hours he replied that he wants to use his fonts and never mentioned the font he wants to use instead just send a image with the font and Im still clueless what font was that. I responded to him and my doubt was he could reply in another 12 hours or more, but my clock is ticking even if I pre the deliver work it is still ticking, my point was I always deliver in 1day and he doesnt have complete things needed and the deliver would be over 1 day what should I do? Im new here.

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I suggest you to deliver the order explaining to the customer that the order will become late in delivery for you and however when he sends you all the details you will make the work and send it to it. I proceeded in this way all the time and I didn’t have any complaining.

And if you want to identify the font from a jpeg image you can use this website:

Would be good if, after you upload the image, you select to show you free alternatives and in this way if the identified font is a licensed one and you don’t want to buy it the website is giving you some free alternatives to the font.

Hope my advice will help you and solve the problem.

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What Font is |



thankyousomuch! I’ve already used the font but didnt find the exact font. The client responded I just need to advice him regarding on what you have mentioned that the order will be late it was 1 more hour and it is late so I need to deliver it. I already did some alternatives previously but he seem to like much of his own script I guess for branding purposes.

Thanks Again! it helps a lot!



should I cancel the order? Would it give me a negative feedback? currently I have 100% feedabck Im confused. Please help. Thanks


If the order is mutually canceled you won’t have negative feedback. However, this post really should be in FAQ or ChitChat; We’ll be moving it to FAQ, where you can read about all this and get help.

scoban said: If the order is mutually canceled you won't have negative feedback

Only if the order is not late. If the order is cancelled after the clock countdown zeroes, the seller will be negatively effected.


thanks for your response guys actually the clock ticks to zero already so I cannot cancel it? As per @celticmoon comment I’ll be negatively affected?


problem solved guys, the client agreed that he wasnt able to provide the things needed and decided to finish the gig and will send the said order after he completed the required files. Thanks guys for helping!


Reply to @webandgprahic: Yes, IF you request cancellation AFTER it’s gone late.

Please read the info here, it came directly from customer support:

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