Client does not reply me fast


I faced so many problems in this matter. I reply my client to solve problems but he/she reply me after 2-3 hours. I have another job need to start or finish. But the client kills my so many times. If the client communicates me, I can finish his/her job within 30-40 minutes. What can I do for this? I went to go crazy.

Suggest me.


Focus on the other client for now. There is nothing you can do until they respond so move on. When they finally respond, illustrate a sense of urgency and be vocal about wanting to get their request completed as soon as possible to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Stuff like that makes it come off as not rude.


There should be an option to cancel a job if the client fails to deliver the stuff you need in order to do your job. Just cancel the order and go ahead with other clients.


for me face this problem too, I still have one order that still not fix, he do not solve problem with, then I report to solve center.


Maybe there is huge time difference between you and the client, so he is unable to reply you on time.

If not then
I think cancelling the order is the best option.


Depends on the delivery time. If the order is supposed to be delivered in a day, even 2-3 hours count in the communication. It can imagine that it would become stressful if the order is about to run out of time and the client hasn’t been communicative.


Time management is must…If the client is not responding then its not your take and you are not responsible for his/her late delivery…so don’t bother and go ahead with the other client work instead of waiting for the reply…


No, i saw the client is active than i reply. but client does not reply.


But I completed the job just need 1-2 options and why I cancel the job? I spent so many times his/her job.


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I dont know if this is the case but there is a requirement option in your gig management. So for example if your gig is about removing background you can set a requirement to upload photos. That way you will avoid getting your customer to place order without uploading the photos. I hope that helps. Also try to contact your customer as soon as possible and in the last hours of delivery time so your order wont be considered as late.


it happens but there is nothing you can do expect making your self multi-tasking to working different projects at a time :slight_smile: