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Client does not understand basic terminology, blames it on me



I’m just looking to rant a bit because I’m worried and hopefully someone can share their experience too. .

This guy contacts me. Shares his site URL, he has a new WP installation. He asks me that he needs an auction website, full functional and gave me a pretty advanced reference site, I checked it all in details and I send him the quote. He replies back that my gig is $5 so why am I charging so high, I explain to him that what need does not constitute as a “fix” but he needs a full website made. He then says he will report my gig for being misleading :confused: I even have a package in that gig specifically for website (that package is for 5 page site, he wants something more advanced) . I have already opened ticket and decided to post here too :confused: Not sure what else to do then just pray and wait.


Nothing will happen, if your gig doesn’t offer what he asked and you priced the job using a custom offer button.
I had a client like that once, after discussing his requirements for 30 minutes or so, I estimated my price for him and sent a custom offer, he then told me “Even you Premium package is less than this custom offer and I will report blah blah”… I explained to him, that the request he is asking for is far beyond the premium and that “I price my service as I see fit, you can either reject or accept the custom offer without arguing with me.”

Then nothing happened.


I wouldn’t worry about it. You didn’t do anything against the rules.


$5 gigs gets you in trouble in my opinion.


^^^^^ This. Raise the bottom price from $5. You attracted this buyer with this price.

Nothing will happen since you did nothing wrong.