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Client doesn't give details

OK…my client wants some work(i am a AMV and advertisment editor) but the client gave a very awkward song which I couldnt even find the name of,After asking him he didnt reply and after i gave his order he asked for a revision with barely any details,he wasnt messaging fast to.Is this me or is this an issue with other people to


Not only you ! I am stuck with similar client from past 18 days :confused:
He wanted me to create animated stickers of him but he sent very low resolution images of him and never replied !

After delivery he asked for revision stating face looks different and disappear again…still in same cycle :open_mouth:


i completely understand that mate,has happend to me once but thankfully the buyer was very cooperative,good luck man.Any help big fiverr sellers?

im worried about one thing though,i think the buyer is going to leave a bad review which makes the profile stars go down

Honestly, I have no idea what you are asking about in your original post.

From what I can understand, it sounds like your buyer sent you a song and asked you to edit something about it, you couldn’t “find the name of it” (not sure what you mean by that, but I’ll assume that means you couldn’t do the job as asked, because you didn’t have enough information), you delivered anyway, and the buyer asked for a revision, because you didn’t do the work as the buyer had hoped. Is this a fair assessment of what you wrote?

um no this is completely wrong heres the real story.I am an AMV editor and the clients give the song,before the order the client wanted his delivery in one day paying an extra of 10 dollars while the original gig without fast delivery was 3 days,I accepted and got to work as he had given me a deadline of 10pm(12 hours) and under 6 hours I gave his delivery and went of to bed as it was 2 in the night.In the morning he then said that he wants to cancel the order just because he has found someone else after I have delivered the full work…i delinced his dispute with a reply(screenshot has been given above the post) but now he wants a revision,which is perfectley ok but he hasnt ordered a revision even though he had unlimited revisions,even then i started to change things in the order.One hour later i get a one star review which has ruined my profile fr 4.9 stars to 4

Aw!!! I also stuck in this situation last one month!! this is really painful!!

well all we can do is to avoid these kind of clients

If you offer unlimited revisions, then you are legally required to keep providing as many revisions as he asks for, for as long as he asks for them. That is part of the terms of your service, so he is fully entitled to have you change whatever he wants you to change. If he doesn’t like the work you provide, he is also fully entitled to leave you whatever review he thinks best reflects his experience working with you.

This is why you should NEVER offer unlimited revisions, nor are you entitled to the kind of review you think you should receive. Perhaps you can use this order as a learning experience, and improve your services to avoid this kind of thing in future orders.

the thing is that he had unlimited revisions but he said in the conversation that he wanted a revision but he never asked requested one properly.and how much revisions should I keep my average selling is 15 dollars

Then it is your job to assist him, and show him how to do so. You offer unlimited revisions, so it is your job to serve his needs, and guide him to understand how to pursue any revisions that he needs.

Offer as many revisions as you think your service requires. Personally, I have a service that offers zero revisions. It is up to you to understand the likely needs of your clients, and fulfill them. But, whatever you do offer, you are legally required to provide in full.

I did assist him and started working on the revision but an hour later i got a notification telling me the buyer left a one star review,i finished the revised work and just sent it to him in his messages even though he hasn’t responded