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Hello Fellows,
I want to share 1 incident so that you all could be more careful when you deal with clients.
I active myself here few months ago and started my career smoothly as I am getting order and completed with 5 star reviews. But 4 days ago I got an order from a new buyer who placed order without contacting me and gave bulk of works which are not included in my gig with only 1 day and lowest budget. After getting notification I immediately tried to contact him,but he was not responding. After few hours he contacted and I tried to make understand and said him to consider schedule and budget again.Then he said me to cancel the order. I told him to do it from his end because as seller that could harm my career if I cancel.But he consistently requested me to cancel order from my end. In-fact he send me a video link about how to cancel order as seller.
Then he went offline, I tried for the whole day and send him message,requested him either let me do the job or cancel but he did not respond.At last I contacted to the resolution center and send him cancel order and at at the very last time he send me text that he demand refund and again went offline.
At the end I got my response rate lower with other punishment.Now give me suggestions what should I do in this case and be more careful and safe. Sorry,I took long time.


Report him using the Report button and contact Fiverr customer support.

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Whether YOU initiated the cancellation or HE did, it does not matter, it will affect your stats and completion rate. If they ordered something beyond the scope of what your Gig offered, you can contact customer service and ask THEM to cancel it. If you explain your situation, having them do the cancellation can shield you from having your stats affected. It is not 100% fool proof though.



One click and your order has been placed, I think fiverr should come out from this formula.


I think their is no other option than posting this on the customer service. I feel that you should go for it.
Even I have encountered many spammers and less buyers. And that will keep on continuing. This case with you has also happened with many. Whenever such things happen where you are right and you are still being punished for that because of the buyer’s fault, the customer service is the place where you should undoubtedly and without wasting any time visit.