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So, after receiving my first order, I suddenly received three more within the next couple of days. Although it took an unexpected stretch on my end, I was able to do well at them and receive good reviews.
However, for my fifth order, the client (who commonly does leave reviews for sellers) simply let the order autocomplete and never left a review. Overall, I thought I did a decent job on the project when comparing it to the others. Suddenly, I stopped receiving orders. A week later, I received a new one and delivered the same way I usually do, but the client has not made any feedback even though they were shown online (and they have also left reviews for sellers).
Is this a normal thing to experience, and clients sometimes just do not have the time to review? Or am I likely doing something wrong with my deliveries/communication?


This is quite normal. Sometimes some clients will give you nice reviews, and some will not. As you go long in Fiverr, you, ll see it by yourself. But the important thing is that just keep going on your quality works.


I’m creeping up on 1k orders here…


But only about 2 out of every 3 clients leave me reviews. The number’s less when you consider the majority of my clients are 50-80 or so returning customers. The review-leaving rate is, unfortunately, wildly inconsistent from project to project.



Thank you! I was just concerned because the clients who have not given feedback have a history of giving reviews.

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Clients are, by and large, results-focused. Once they have the thing, they’re running off to go apply the thing to their own business or use, and you become an afterthought until they need another thing.

It’s annoying :-p


There are two types of reviews,one that u can see and the others that only fiver can see(Hidden reviews).one bad hidden review can damage your efforts and gig ranking,So we should put in our best efforts for quality work.


I never heard of hidden reviews; thank you for letting me know!