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Client files not sending? Is it a bug?

I noticed something since maybe 1-2 weeks a go, a lot of my clients tell me to check the attached files just that they didn’t sent any. I don’t know if they didn’t attach it or is it a bug because and I can’t see the file, some people try multiple times and in the end they use dropbox to send the files, other manages to send the file the second time while others don’t have this problem. I hope you got what I tried to explain, is there anyone else facing this problem?
Here are 2 screenshots but this happens at least a few times a day from different buyers…

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Are you using a phone to send the files?

I had a similar issue with a buyer a few day ago.

Apparently he kept opening the first file I sent and he could not see my modified work.

Initially he was losing his patience with me, but eventually we realized that there was a technical problem with the site.
I just kept sending him the file again and again :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Yes, This happens couple of time to me and i usually asked client to reattach the files.
I think this happens if client is new. I am guessing here.

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It happens when a client see the delivery through phone, otherwise I didn’t had such issue.

The client sees the file I sent, but I can’t see the files he sent, in case he sent any, check the screenshot:

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Happened to me too on 2 orders yesterday. It fixed itself after about a day :slight_smile: