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Client force me to send the final files direct to his email address

hello every one i complete a logo project 1 year ago for my client and he tell me that all the files are good now after one year he come back to me that the vector file is blank now.and force me to send it again through direct email else i will put my order for refund.he send me the Ai file which is fine my side but he ask that it show blank to him side. please help me what i do?


A) don’t send anything through email as that would be against the TOS. Though you’re allowed to send stuff through Fiverr’s message system.

B) If it’s showing okay your side maybe ask how he’s opening it Ask him what program he is using to do that. Tell him what program will show it correctly. Maybe prove to him that the file you sent to him is okay (eg. show a screenshot or something of it displaying correctly).


Yes, never send anything to customers private email. Handle all business through Fiverr message system, because that is also helpful for you in dispute cases. And asking a refund after a year most likely isn’t going through.

As UK mentioned ask the customer which program and version they are using to make sure they really know what they are doing. You could make Quick desktop video that shows how you open up the video from fiverr. If you don’t have a software to do quick videos, Google Loom video recording software. That could help you our on making a video.


Brother email cannot be sent This is against the rules. You talk to him and resolve the matter, give him some proof that you have done the job correctly.

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A year ago is too long for him to wait to decide something is wrong. And there is absolutely no reason to send him anything to his email.

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This is not allowed. Be professional and apply rules for everyone which give you boost up in future. But wonder that after 1 year he need it through email.

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I wonder why some buyer’s reason some things, for you to come back after a whole year threatening and asking for a refund.

as suggested by someone kindly ask the buyer what kind of software does he use and ask for screenshot.

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I think the best way to do is sending the file through the fiverr messaging system. You can change the file type to a different format incase it might not show blank. The fiverr policy doesn’t accept buyer and seller communication beyond fiverr platform therefore, don’t send an email.

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the file he send me is okay with my side but when i send him he ask that its blank i show the screen short. i tell him if i ask for email i will be ban but he told me then return my money. and its a 1 year ago i complete the order and on that time he tell me everything is fine. now he ask it dos’t work for me anymore.

thanks for the advice bro

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thanks for the advice ma’m.BTW he was tell me that time that everything is okay,

This is funny. I bet their pirated Illustrator expired and they can’t open the file now.

Anyway. Screenshot their message where they say everything is okay a year ago, screenshot your .AI file where it’s clear the file is not blank. Tell them that the files were delivered as requested a year ago and you cannot assist them any further or fix any software issues on their end. Then stop responding.

PS If you’ve made a completely white design with Illustrator’s default white background, the file may appear blank. Then I’d add a pale grey background to make the design visible and resend it (via messages, not email).


Did you ask him what program he is opening the file in and what the version of the program is?
Maybe ask him to send a screenshot of how it looks on his screen. Maybe it’s what he’s imported it into/what version the program is, how he’s displaying it in that/scaling it or what the background is or something.