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Client gave 1 star by mistake

I have a client who is new on fiverr and left me a 1 star review writing how good and fast I was, so I assume they did that by mistake and totally messed up with my ranking. I am working very hard on fiverr and clearly I do not deserve this. What do I do about it? Can someoen from customer support please remove it?


There’s nothing you can do. Only the buyer can say it was a mistake.

How can they “say” it? Can they change the review if I ask them to?

There have been many forum posts where sellers have got a warning for discussing a review.

Best just to leave it and move on.


it is clearly a mistake though. I am not claiming to have done a great job while the client says the opposite. they say too fast and good.

If you type “1 star review by mistake” in the search bar above there are several posts on the subject.

Will leave this with you.


Still I do want to try, even if I get a warning. What is the procedure? Contact Customer Support?

Hy ask from your buyer is he/she did by mistake? if yes
Then go to the customer support right…
Or you can also say to your buyer to go customer support and ask for changing review.

Feedback reviews will not be removed unless there are clear violations of our Terms of Service and/or our Community Standards.

The above is from the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.

Here is the link for Customer Support:

This is terrible advice that will definitely result in a warning!

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Only he can realize his mistake. Is he says it was a mistake, then you can contact CS.

I’m with lloyd on this one… just leave it alone. It may have tanked your scores but will be more detrimental to your account by pressing on with the matter. Any potential client can read it and realize the buyer may have been new and made a mistake. If you continue to press the matter, you could end up with more than a warning. You could have your account suspended.

Leave sleeping dogs lie.


I disagree that asking CS to remove a review given by mistake and not bugging the client about it will get me a warning, it is only fair. Otherwise the review system would be very easy to abuse. I wrote CS about it and stay positive. :blush:

If I were a potential client and saw 10 freelancers with 5 stars general rating and one with a 4.8, I would probably not even bother investigating why the 4.8 got a bad review. It is detrimental and I do not deserve it.

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I’ll leave these here for you to “review.” You’ve been warned about what the possible outcome could be. Take the chance, roll the dice, and I hope you get a better outcome than these folks. With the way Fiverr is about reviews and review manipulation (even with genuine mistakes), you may end up with a warning… justified or not.

Good luck!


My buyer gave me 1-star rating by mistake but the review was positive. I contact her and point out that, she said it was a mistake and apologize for that and asked how she can correct it.
I told her to leave it as it is as fiverr do not like it but she had contacted fiverr support and the review changed to 5 stars at the front site but it is still there in the backend.


Thanks, this means it can be done :heart_eyes: But when you say still in backend, it means that it still messes up your rankings?

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Yes, maybe but I was getting orders after that review.

Good luck. Hope your next post isn’t about getting a warning on your account.:crossed_fingers:t3: