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Client gave me his email, But I have placed order on Fiverr

My client has sent me his email address in my chat because he wanted to send 5 files of size more than 200mbs. He asked me to drop a text, But I didn’t email him, ask him to send here in Chat.

I was curious if his email presence in my chat will have any impact on my profile.

I have placed the order on the Fiverr, and it is my third order with him.


Why would you assume this is okay?

Why not read the ToS?

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Yes, This is not fine, that’s why I didn’t work outside of the Fiverr. I always now contact with him via Fiverr.

You emailed him.

It doesn’t become okay to do just because you didnt work with him via email.

Okay, I will take great care of that. Well, I didn’t email him, I was just curios, what will happen if I did that? Thanks a lot.

Actually, I simply told him, send files here. It will take time, but its better for us.

You just said that you emailed him.


Thanks for your help.

For your safety is better to keep everything here on Fiverr. Fiverr make it safe for all of us so no need to keep in touch with the buyer on other platforms it is against the rules.


Thanks Lopesh. I will keep that in mind always

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yes right :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: