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Client gave review but i cannot see


Hi, i have been experiencing this problem quite often now. Looking for a good answer to my question. If anybody has same experience or can help me.

Question is in my recent few projects, i just get the message delivery has been accepted by buyer. No option of reviews at all on order page. When i contacted client they said they gave review but i cannot see. I don’t have the option to review client as well. So what is the problem, what should i do to avoid this?


It has been changed. You will have to review the buyer first before you get to see the review they left behind for you. Check the order completion page! :slight_smile:


Yes, i know you are right. But this is exactly what i am talking about. When i go to order page i only get green bar. Your order is complete. No sign of review buyer. How could i review buyer when i don’t see the option on order page?


I would suggest to contact Fiverr Support and perhaps send a screenshot :slight_smile:


I tried to contact support but they always reply me that client hasn’t left any feedback. While client said i did.


Any body has this issue or its only me?


in my case, i get the notification to review buyer in about 2days after delivery.


That’s new. I hope i also get notification. But from my previous orders, still no notifications.


If that’s the case, maybe your client is not being truthful about it lol.


If i have issue with 1 client i will go with you that he may be lying … but i have 7 orders without reviews and all of them can’t lie.


How do you know if all of them wanted to leave a review or not? Obviously, you wouldn’t have asked every one of those 7 buyers the question: “have you reviewed my order yet?” Some buyers may just not wanna post a review.


I asked 5 of them. They all said we have already left 5 star review. But i don’t see it because there is no section of order reviews in those orders where i can give them review so i can see theirs.


If they did then you should have the option to give review back.
If you are using fiverr app then switch to browser or vice versa just to see if it fixes problem. The only way you can’t review if buyer only accept the order but not give review. In that case you will only get notification that order is complete.


I tried both. If option has to come it comes both in app and web. If not then it is not available in any platform. I am now starting to think that the only reason i am getting the option to review is that all clients are lying if there isn’t glitch from fiverr.


I should point out that asking your buyers anything about the reviews they may have left might be seen as soliciting reviews, and that’s a big no-no according to Fiverr’s rules. You could get your account limited, warned, or removed because of it.

If your buyer(s) left a review, and the system informs you of this, great, review back, respond, and move on. You should NEVER be questioning your buyers about the reviews they have left, might leave, or chose not to leave in the first place.

Reviews are a voluntary bonus, not a requirement. You’re here on Fiverr to do a job for your clients, do it well, and get paid. You are not entitled to anything else.


Facepalm :man_facepalming:

As mentioned by jonbaas, this can get your account in trouble. It’s not a good idea.


@jonbaas Yes may be that’s the case and @hanshuber16 i have to be careful now.


The best way to be a careful seller is to read the Fiverr Terms of Service. You’ve read the entire TOS from top to bottom, right? :wink:


Not entirely. Just a go through.


Well then, you aren’t being careful enough. You’re going to need to read the whole TOS, and be aware of the rules it establishes. The rules are there for a reason. If you plan to work here on Fiverr, you’re going to need to read the rules.