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Client gave revirew by mistake


I am facing this disturbing problem, can anyone tell me how to solve it? My client gave a review by mistake, my service was excellent she admitted and she never meant it to happen and asking me to tell her how to solve this issue. Is it possible to rectify the review? Plz help.

Thank you.


Unfortunately I don’t think there’s anything you can do… if you talk to CS about it you may get a warning for having discussed it with the buyer.

The same thing happened to a competitor of mine and the review is still there so I don’t think it can be solved.

It’s really unfair, I know :frowning: but my advice is to forget about it and move on…


Your client needs to contact Fiverr support. After necessary verification, Fiverr support may allow your client to amend his review on your order.


Given reviews cannot be changed. You have no way.


Well, it can be changed… but only the buyer can contact the support and explain that the fault is from him/her and in no way should the seller tell the buyer the kind of reviews he/she should give the seller.

I have seen countless situation where buyers gave 1 star review by mistake and the buyer contacted CS and they changed the review to what the buyer wanted.


But he will not do so. It’s not a mistake. While giving review they had to confirm twice. And the buyer can clearly see what he is doing.

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She said the buyer admitted it was a mistake and she asked her what she need to do… Maybe you should read again. @sahrear_anik


If you have a screenshot of your buyer admitting they’ve made a mistake, you can contact CS and get it fixed. BUT only if there is nothing, absolutely nothing in your messages that might suggest or appear like you’re guilt-tripping or coaxing the buyer into changing the review.

Seemingly innocent things like: “Why did you leave me 1* if you were satisfied with the work?” might be considered a manipulation attempt so be careful.

PS I believe 3.7* is considered 4* by fiverr so it’s not that bad.


Yes, I have it. She wrote good things about my service and then gave the ratings by mistake. Can I contact the customer support with that screenshot? Thank you.

Its really hard for me to accept as I always work with dedications and sincerity. Moreover, my client was really happy with my design I made for her. She was operating fiver from mobile device that’s why the problem occurred.

Can you provide the screenshot of the entire conversation that transpired after the review was left? (Just blur out the client’s name and userpic).

Yes, it can be done. My client asked me how to solve the problem and I said to contact the customer support. Did I do anything wrong?

Technically, not. I think it’s fine. Unless you initiated the entire conversation with any variation of “how could you?!” or “why?!” or something of the sort.

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The problem with trying to ‘correct’ reviews is that customer support may think you’re trying to manipulate the buyer.

My advice would be that you don’t approach CS yourself, but instead your buyer should. However, even by suggesting this course of action to your buyer, CS might class it as manipulation.

As annoying as this situation is, it might be best all things considered to let it go. I rarely ever say that, but you really don’t want CS thinking you’re trying to manipulate the buyer.

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Did she “admit” a mistake all on her own, like “Oh, I just noticed, I only gave you 4 stars but intended 5, those dang small phone screens”, out of the blue, or did you say anything that made her “admit”. In the latter case, I’d not suggest anyone to contact support, too risky, even if the buyer made a mistake anyway.


Yeah. This is why I asked for the screenshot of the entire conversation. It’s a very delicate matter. I’m not saying this can’t be resolved but the resolution will highly depend on how things were worded. I.e., who said what and when.


Well, to be fair. I’ve seen plenty posts made by buyers complaining about being harassed (and threatened, that one was especially funny) to receive 5*. You can “thank” unreasonable sellers who think beginning is a good business model for this unreasonable approach to the feedback system.

I managed to change 1* to 5* in December 2019. The review itself was extremely positive but for whatever reason, it was 1*. The buyer noticed it himself, came into my inbox and to be honest, he was a little bit too hysterical for my liking. Not just apologetic, downright distraught. Honestly, I can manage a single 1* review a year, it’s fine.

I had to contact CS to ask them what to do. They said: “We can see it was a mistake, we changed it to 5*”. I don’t know if they looked through the inbox chat or just looked at the obviously positive review to come to the conclusion, but in my case the resolution was in my favor.

But, and it’s important to add, I didn’t initiate the review change. It was the buyer who noticed it, suggested to change it, asked me for ways to change it, etc.

Oh. I’d leave it be. You already told them to contact CS, let’s hope for the best.

The review itself is very positive, so there is a chance it’ll get changed to 5* if the buyer chooses to contact CS.

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Thank you. I am also waiting. If something good happens I will be happy. If not, I will forget it and move forward.