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Client give me 4 star rating without any reason

I am really upset that buyer gives me a 4 star rating without any reason. I asked her again and again why she did this type of act with me. But she is speechless (doesn’t reply my message). What can I do now? Rating of this gig gets decreased. Please let me know experts person help me to give some suggestion. See the screenshot I attached with my message.


4 stars is not the end of the world. Everything is fine. :slight_smile:


A 4 star is not a bad rating. Some people just won’t give a 5 no matter what. I think its bad form to contact a seller and complain about a rating unless it’s an obvious mistake. Just wait till you get your first 1 star review just because you wouldn’t do a ton of extra work for free.


4 stars is fine, but I wouldn’t have replied to the buyer in the way you did I’m afraid. :slightly_frowning_face:


4 star is fine
But multiple 4 star will be an issue
in that case you can send an dispute to change review if you feel you deserve it :wink:

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A 4-star review is a great – positive – review. Why are you complaining about something good?


By completing more orders (and receiving raving reviews,) your overall rating will increase!


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There are some people who want the moon on a stick to give a 5 star rating. It isn’t a major problem. Too many sellers on here are focused on their ratings. Look after your customers and the ratings will come.

I recently ordered a whiteboard animation as a test from a seller. They were solely focused on hitting the Fiverr parameters - get it in on time, ask me not to request a revision, tell me to give a 5 star rating. I felt like I wasn’t important. It was such a shame because I have a pending order of 200 of these for a website I am launching and this seller has lost out because of the way they focused on their Fiverr ratings and not me.

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At least you got paid.

You can survive 4 stars. As I tell my clients in my gig description: “Some of my negative reviews are from people that had unrealistic expectations, didn’t give clear directions, or otherwise got offended and never told me until they wrote the review.”

In this situation, it seems to me your buyer was frustrated with you, maybe she didn’t know how to communicate what she wanted, or you didn’t understand what she wanted. Maybe she’s angry about something else.

Some people are like that. It could have been worse, it could have been 3 stars, 2 stars, 1 star, or a refund.

You’ll survive this.

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