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Client give repetitive revision & make order incomplete

Hello all,
This is the last message to my client.

It’s quite embarrassing to work with you.

I have written well scraping, even you said that it is a simple html which needs to be updated with scraping data. But you provide a complex html+js+php file, which I read,understand & process.

After that you tell me to set up the app on your server(Cpanel) side too which I refused at the time of project offer. But I also do that too for you. Only because you are my client at my beginning phase.

I set up all things check twice, Even I give you proof but you give me revision & make me late with only $10.

Sorry but I will not proceed with you further. I take back all my work, You can cancel the order if you want.

Good bye & stay well

As I am new [I opened account many years ago but i actively work on from 1month approx.] What should I do It will be very helpful If you all have any suggestion


I am also faced the situation. Cancelled my order to prevent negative review. Low rated reviews will affect your profile.

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Ok thank you. Please tell me the process how to cancel the order

Do you have Unlimited Revisions or some sort of 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on your Gig?

If so they can (and will) keep coming forever. Delete that now.

You should really speak with Fiverr CS first before Cancelling Gigs. Help them to see that you started the job with one agreement, but the buyer is pushing that into a different agreement with unreasonable demands.

I would rather a negative Review I can respond to showing how the customer was unfair than cancel, lose my income, and still take a hit to Fiverr’s algorithm.


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